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Kona Black

kc11One of my all time favorite fabrics is Kona Black.  The hand of the fabric is consistent and lovely.  (Image is from Hancocks of Paducah).  I’ve used this fabric in a number of quilts including the quilt posted below that I made for my husband years ago.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been thinking about two or three different quilt designs using various fabrics.  The one that I’ve been truly passionate about is the quilt using the fabrics my sisters gave me for my birthday and this Kona black.


I started drafting the big idea about a week ago, finished drafting a few days later and cut out the piece I need to attach to the Kona in order to get the effect that I want.  The batiks will be used as accents to this and some of the circles (fabric in header) will be cut out and pieced in.

I thought I’d bought enough fabric do make the quilt the size I need it to be.  Thought.  I need 6 or 7 yards total to make the quilt the size I want it to be when I’m finished.  I’ll be waiting a little bit to get the fabric.

In the mean time I’m going to play with one of the smaller pieces and make a wall hanging as a practice piece for the bigger quilt.

One thing that is prevents me from doing this today – I have to go to work.  I usually get to spend several hours in the sewing room every day.  At least with going to work I get to play with fabric.  My guess is that the solids wall will need some serious help today.

Happy quilting!


PS if you’re in the Westchester County area and are interested in taking either a hand piecing or free motion quilting class please contact me privately.

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