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All the started posts

  are serious. There are a lot of questions running through my brain like: when will I quilt again? This one is serious - dry spells suck, particularly after this microburst of creative energy. Whew. In eight years will modern quilting be called Mid Century Modern? Well, no because of the timing it's not mid-century.… Continue reading All the started posts

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Blogging world and office dreaming

Over the last few years my blogging world has changed, or more to the point the blogging world has changed, its not a good or a bad thing it just happens. Many long term bloggers get fatigued and pull back from writing, other things in life take priority. Some of the blogs I follow now… Continue reading Blogging world and office dreaming

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Planning the Quilting part 2.2

When I first started quilting I thought and thought about the motifs. At the time I was "limited" by my perception of quilt making, the love of straight lines and the motifs the local quilt shops. This was what I knew. I'd not yet "discovered" quilt shows (Oh the first trip to Quilters Heritage Celebration… Continue reading Planning the Quilting part 2.2

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I’m going to tell on myself

I tend to leave for work at "just the right moment".    I leave just enough time to get coffee on my way in the door. This morning was slightly different as I planned to get to the post office at lunch and needed to make sure I had everything in place as I needed… Continue reading I’m going to tell on myself

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I got to thinking

I usually piece & quilt with music in the background because my emotions will come out in the quilting.  If I'm not thinking about something wonderful my piecing isn't as accurate and my quilting, well, don't even get me started. So yesterday as I'm posting the photos for the class in Mamaroneck I got to… Continue reading I got to thinking

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Star Quilt – progress

For right now this is being called "Star Quilt" but it doesn't resonate with me for some reason. I think I need to either be further along in the progress of the quilt, finished or some suggestions.  After I do some more work on the main body of the quilt I'll take suggestions. Below is… Continue reading Star Quilt – progress

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Kona Black

One of my all time favorite fabrics is Kona Black.  The hand of the fabric is consistent and lovely.  (Image is from Hancocks of Paducah).  I've used this fabric in a number of quilts including the quilt posted below that I made for my husband years ago. Over the last several weeks I've been thinking… Continue reading Kona Black

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I’m a bad influence

Two different people said this to me this week.  I cracked up both times. At the quilt shop where I work we're having a sale this week.  Susan dropped by, while I was there, to pick up a few things for herself and a few of her students.  Because we're friends and Susan is very… Continue reading I’m a bad influence

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I broke the only part that doesn’t have a part number

During the summer of 1988 I worked in Nichols department store as a cashier. I needed to work for three months leading up to my first year of volunteer work in Georgia. Somehow I got the first job I applied for, they needed a cashier and I had experience, though I still had a lot… Continue reading I broke the only part that doesn’t have a part number