side-winder2Each December the Pelham Quilters has a dinner and a gift exchange for anyone who would like to participate.  The gift should be about $20…I chose some pretty pink & chocolate brown fabrics at my lqs.

Chocolate brown with pink, baby blue, teal and avocado green are great color combinations…there’s just something so striking about them!

I came home with the SideWinder.  I’d wanted to try this because we all know that stopping everything to wind a bobbin is a pain.  Unthreading the machine, winding the bobbin and rethreading the machine takes precious minutes from the quilting or other project we’re working on.  I usually do wind several bobbins at the start of a project however, they empty pretty quickly.

I plugged the sidewinder in the other day when I started this project and the bobbin wound quickly and seemed to last longer than bobbins wound on the machine.  I’m sufficiently impressed.

Happy quilting!


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