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chilly mornings and cool fabric


We’ve had a few chilly mornings around here.  My front window has looked like this on more than one day this week.  I love the patterns in the frost.




The depth of variation of the pattern is really fascinating.





Maggi from To Dream to Stitch had a “Pay It Forward” give away and I was lucky enough to receive some of this beautiful hand dyed fabric from Maggi.  Later this week I will post a “PIF” with some fabric that I love and would like to share with fellow quilters.  



bookmark-from-maggi-2She included this beautiful hand made book mark with the fabric and a lovely hand made card.  card-from-maggi



I love hand made items, so much care goes into them.  One of my most treasured items is the hand print ornament of my nephews hands.  He just turned 2 and he painted them himself.  With his moms help, I’m sure.




I’ve been in the sewing room most of the day today working on a shop sample for a class I’m hoping to teach in Mamaroneck at the end of next month.  This will have some detailed quilting on it…including some free motion feathers.  As soon as I have this completed I’ll put photos up on the site.

I’ll start “testing” the third pattern for one of the fabric companies later this week.  I’m so jazzed about this whole process.  When I can I’ll share details.

Happy Quilting!





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  1. It was a walk down memory lane, looking at your frosted windows. As a child I would spend hours looking for designs in the frost. The fabric you recieved will be so much fun to work with. We will all be waiting to see what you do with it. Yvonne – Montana

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