Class Sample for Mamaroneck

Nancy from the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck asked me to quilt a shop sample for her.  Because I’m teaching there at the end of February into March, it’s a great opportunity.

I went a little nutty with the variety of quilting.

top-mid-rowsThe quilt itself is a sampler featuring some absolutely beautiful fabric.  I chose to do a lot of different types of quilting.  in between the blocks horizontally free motion feathers fit the bill.  






mid-bot-rowsvertically on the left side I chose to do quite a varietyof stitches, the right side a back ground pattern I learned from Gina Perkes as she demoed the Gammill on The Quilt Show.  Later I’ll have a close up of this, the grid used is visible.






sharon-schamber-influence-front-2Like most quilters I’ve been influence by a lot of quilters.  I first learned this quilting technique from Mary Anne Ciccotelli.  A few weeks ago I watched Sharon Schamber demo this with a slight twist on one of her video blog.

Sharon is slightly different:

sharon-schamber-influence1she dips into the smallest loop for just a bit of added interest in the quilting and while quilting.  Either way the effect is quite pleasing no matter how you look at it.

my-quilt-design-front-3The border aslo has lots and lots of quilting variety in it.  As I turned a corner I thought “what if I do this” just to see what “this would look like and the results made me quite happy.  This is just elongaged spirals piggy backing one another.  Think of highly detailed wrought iron scroll work and you have the idea.  (Anne, if you’re reading this, I think this will be part of the quilting detail on our quilt.)





feathery-circles-2This is an experiement so see what would happen when I added feathers to a curved in spiral.  Each spiral ends up being unique and does add some interest.  Echo quilting the and filling the space does add more interest.  I do need to quilt a bit closer for the quilt to lay flatter.




swirls-frontJeannie asked me about this quilting pattern a few weeks ago at our mini group.  I took pen to paper that day to figure it out and it wasn’t working quite right….a few week more and here it is.  Its swirls in and out in various direction with some echo and stopping points for more visual interest.  One thing I would do differently when changing direction is not go quite so far from a turning point.  The technique is fun and I would like to use this again in a quilt.  



circles-frontI used these circle on the cat quilt on the blog here somewhere.  I like this pattern as it’s just fun to do.  How many circles can I fit into the smallest space possible?  Well, I’m not sure, but quite a lot.  I learned a bit more detail on this technique from Scharon Schamber after I quilting the cat quilt.  Interesting note – when I started quilting the cat quilt I started by quilting the circles all the same size, it wasn’t working so well for me as I’d get to a corner or angle and think, “how on earth am I going to make this work.”  So I started varying the size of the circles and voila! getting out of tight spaces and adequately filling the space worked for the quilt better.  



sun-close-upAnother favorite quilting technique I really enjoy is this where I start with a swirl in and come out to make a sun.  


There are more pictures of this quilt.  If you’d like to see it in person stop by the quilt cottage.  I’m going to do a bit of a write up for the quilt for Nancy.  

Happy Quilting!



5 thoughts on “Class Sample for Mamaroneck”

  1. Teri, great minds think alike. The paisley-ish swirl is exactly what I was thinking for our quilt, but then I got to feathers and curved spiral and it got even better. THEN there was echo space filling. Now I’m completely spoiled for choice. There’s inspiration in these samples. I can’t wait to get further in our planning.

    Great sample. I expect that this will trigger an even longer waiting list.

  2. Teri, I absolutely love the quilting on this piece. I will have to go into the shop and take a look… and I was there just yesterday… I ran in and ran out.. did I miss it? Impossible!

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