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I got to thinking

I usually piece & quilt with music in the background because my emotions will come out in the quilting.  If I’m not thinking about something wonderful my piecing isn’t as accurate and my quilting, well, don’t even get me started.


So yesterday as I’m posting the photos for the class in Mamaroneck I got to thinking about all of the people “on whose shoulders I stand” as a quilter.  See I’m one of those folks who would really and truly get annoyed with the name dropping at guild meetings.  Oh I do it myself, that’s true.  I didn’t like to name drop, sometimes it just slips out!

As a quilter I’ve had many “famous” influences over the years.  I’ve also had some not-so-famous influences over the years and both have been equally important in my formation as a quilter and now as a teacher I get to pass that on.  I’ve been passing it on for years now with the anonymity of the internet I’ve been teaching for years on various message boards.  Now I get the privilege of teaching in real life.  I’m excited and nervous and challenged and honored all in the same moment.



Thank you for teaching me, allowing me to sit by your side and learn how to quilt and learn how to pass it on.


To answer a question from TQS…I quilt on a Bernina 1080 that I purchased in 1994 just after moving to New York.  I’ve been her only owner and we’ve done well together.  

I don’t roll quilts to get them into that tiny space – I just shove them in “fluff & stuff” as I’ve heard Paula Reid say.  





I’ve been doing work for other people lately, so my own work has been negleted.  I’m quilting and that’s important to me.  When I dropped this quilt off on Saturday, Ellen told me that the woman I made the memory quilt from her grand mothers clothes came in and picked it up.  Ellen share that when she saw the quilt she buried her face in it and sobbed.  That’s why I enjoy making memory quilts.  Not to make people sob, no, it’s for the memory.  The memory of a person we can no longer touch, a husband, a dad, a mom, grammy.


There’s enough sentiment in this post to last a week or more.  To end where I began, I’m going to see a few of my quilting influences tonight – Renee & Mary Anne, Giovann & Susan and Ashley who I get to meet for the first time.  I’m really jazzed about this! 


Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “I got to thinking”

  1. Your quilts are inspiring, I want to make a memory quilt for my mother who made me love fabrics and sewing. Although she did not do any patchwork, she was always sewing curtains, tablecloths, pillows or repairing clothes. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Teri, it was great seeing you as well tonight. Sharing quilting ideas and techniques is so inspiring that I truly enjoy our little get togethers.

    Here’s to all the quilters that ‘sit’ and have been ‘sat’ on! That’s what make quilters such wonderful people.

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