My brother in law’s girlfriend turns 30 this week.  Here’s the card I made for her.


30th birthday card
30th birthday card

A close up of the lettering










And a close up of the feathering:

chris-bday-feathery-stuff-1The first color I chose to quilt with was way too light and didn’t have enough impact on the fabric so I added the yellow in all of the swirly bits.  The highlighting made all of the difference.


I liked the effect of the “double quilting” so much that I went back to my shop sample and started doing this:


shop-sample-feather-front-1Originally I’d quilted the feathers.  Then I saw some feather work by Sally Bramald and thought I’d give it a go.  Check out the quilting on her banner.  Absolutely amazing!

The effect of another color and more quilting really makes the whole thing pop.  I’ll post a full view of the quilt front and back when I’m finished quilting it.



I said I’d post a photo of threading the arm of the bobbin:


view from the side
view from the side
view from the front
view from the front

I use this when I’m quilting with MasterPiece or Bottom Line or So Fine in the bobbin.  This adds a bit of tension from the bobbin without messing with the screw.  Mind you I’ll turn the screw with no hesitation.  I’ve never had a problem with the screw coming out.  I’ve just found with certain threads that threading the arm is more effective adjusting the tension than turning the screw.

Pay it Forward…post on this blog by 2/21 and you’ll be included in the pay it forward.  I haven’t decided what fabric to send as of yet.  I’ll include 4 people in the PIF give away.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Teri, Maybe your postcard is asking for some hot glue crystals. But other than that it is lovely. Did you quilt it on your regular machine or a long arm?
    I think after I finish quilting today I am going to make my DH a Valentine to leave him on Tues since he was gone for Valentine and I will be gone when he gets home.
    Please include me in your pay it forward, I hope I win.
    peg in mo

  2. Teri – I think your postcard is great. You are coming along beautifully on your quilting. Thanks for the info on threading the bobbin for better tension. I know I’ve heard this during my machine lessons but have forgotten it. Keep up the good work. You’re much appreciated. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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