Reinventing the Wheel

I’m getting ready to teach machine quilting this week, so I’m in the process of “reinventing” the wheel.  I hope to cover a lot of territory over the next three weeks and want to make sure that my students get enough information and have enough experience at their machines to feel confident as beginners.  

There are tons of great books available on the market from some really big names to quilters/bloggers like ourselves who share information with others as we learn.  I know with myself the more I share the information the better I understand what I’m talking about.  So over the last few weeks I’ve been making notes to cover all of what I would like to cover over the next three weeks and am typing it up so that as I teach I know what I need to cover and where I am.

So, I’m basically reinventing the wheel.  Perhaps it’s not so much reinventing the wheel as much as getting it to the size I can handle.  Hmmn, I’ll have to give that one a think.  

For another machine quilting class I made this:front-of-quilt-full-view

I’m so glad that I paid attention to the quilt..by adding the green with the brown quilting the nature of the quilting changed and became a more prominent feature.

In the swirls and squares the quilting takes on a sense of movement.

Excuse the pin in the center, I was in the process of blocking the quilt to make it lay flat.  The center seemed to have a bit of a belly button.  



On the back of the quilt I used up a couple of bobbins that I’d had hanging around for a while.  


front-of-quiltIn the diamonds I quilted circles, stippling and another pattern (one that I’ve seen Sharon Schamber and several other quilters use.)

Until I saw Sally Bramalds Blog I wouldn’t have even considered quilting something more than once.  I’ve used two threads in the same needle before, but this technique adds depth.


Happy Quilting!


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