Superior Thread

A few weeks ago I shared these beautiful photos of an order of Superior Thread:



so-fine-2masterpiece-2Well Mother Superior, Heather Purcell now has a blog!  She & Bob are putting up lots of great information on the site including the on going construction of the Superior School of Threadology.  I’m adding Superior to my blogroll.

I’ve used all kinds of thread over the years as a quilter and like lots of them but Superior is by far the standard for me when it comes to thread.  The thing that grabs me is the education on site and whereever they get the chance to have a booth.

49 Pieces of Chocolat is coming along well.  I’ll be able to machine quilt the border in a couple of days.  Note to self: wool batt likes to be quilted well.

With all of the snow here in NY I had a bonus day yesterday and spent most of it in the sewing room working on Maggies Quilt, the eight pointed star and tidying up a bit.  There’s still tons to do in there…


Happy quilting!





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