Round Robin #2

Renee wrote this post  at the end of January.  I was taking out all of the stitching on the appliqué that I’d put in and fixing it.  In the meantime I’ve added fusible web to the quilting tools I use (who knew it could be so much fun!).  Not only did I take out all of the stitching I changed the whole border.   Take a look:

round-robin-quilt-full-viewI think that by changing the fabric the look becomes more refreshing and spring like.  The flowers are free form and the the butterflies are asymetrical.




Before cutting out the leaves I drew them on the paper, the leaves were cut free form from several different fabrics.   I like the lighter green of the vine rather than the deeper green of the earlier version.





round-robin-flowerOn several flowers I added a bit of detail with some stitching.  I like the effect.  At Renee’s suggestion I’m going to try wonder-under for the next round of fusing.  

As I told students in my class, try it at least once to see what works for you.





round-robin-blue-butterflyThis has to be one of my favorite butterflies…I love the color change from blue to green.



round-robin-butterfly-flowerI used orange for two corners and the blue/green in the two other corners.  Now that I see this in a picture, I’m not entirely certain of the orange however, I think it will work.  


round-robin-flower-orangeI used three different fabrics for the leaves:

Fabric one is the dark green with the white through it, this was originally in the center.

Fabric two is the lime green.

Fabric three is a gradations type (think Caryl Bryer Fallert).  I realized after I finished fusing to that piece I fused on the right side of the fabric.  Oh well, it’s now become a design decision!


Happy quilting!


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