Lancaster Loot & more pics

In a few day’s I’ll take photos of JB’s quilt and post them here, in the mean time here’s a photo of the thread she purchased for the quilt.sulky-for-julie  Chocolate brown and peachy Mocha.  Different vendors had different colors.  We’d been heading more towards a pink/mocha until JB saw these.  I’m thrilled.




sulky-for-challengeAnne & I blocked the door to Burkholders while we selected these spools of Sulky for our Hoffman Challenge Quilt.  The fabric there is for the quilt as well.  We seriously considered blendables however we both agree, I want to control where the color goes.  I’m thinking now that we’re going to have to find one more color and I’m hoping Anne can figure out where I’m going with this…

The process of designing and making this quilt has been so much fun and a challenge.  It’s taken longer than we thought however the end result is incredible.  We’re using wool batting.  I can hardly wait to get this and start quilting.  I have the first top we made and will play as soon as I get my paperwork done!

superior-thread1I also spent quite a bit at the Superior booth.  Oh dear, I could almost take one of everything.    Each spool I purchased had a purpose – most for customer quilts and the black King Tut for the 8 pointed star quilt.  I’m excited to work on that quilt and I think the King Tut will be perfect for it.  I’m hoping to work on that again soon, customer quilts come next though…I need to support my thread habit after all.

a-plate-of-pineapplesI really like bold quilts, there’s something about a quilter taking a risk that just moves me.  Wether it’s with color, setting, an unusual binding or something that makes the quilt just have it’s own personality.  “A Plate of Pineapples” certainly fits!  Purple & yellow are really bold choices and I like that there are lots of shades of both colors.  Kimberly Einmo thought that this is a wonderful quilt as well.  




grandmas-gameboy“Grandmas Gameboy” is another great quilt, partly for the title and partly for the quilt itself.  It’s quite muted in color but well played.  Of course I’m slightly biased, I love any NY Beauty quilt.  







Happy quilting!


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  1. Thread is so addicting….well I think it is!!!! Colors are the addicting and enticing factor that sucks the money out of my wallet!

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