Thimble post with request for another blogger

A while back I posted a picture or two of my gramma’s thimble1123.  I learned something interesting about it one day…it has a built in needle threader.  







1124If you look really closely at the tip you can see that the needle threader slides out.  It’s handy I used it as I worked on a customer quilt a while back and while I have no problems threading a needle, this is still a handy dandy feature.  

Now for the blogger help:

Linda Poole is currently writing an article and looking for thimble stories.  Here’s a link to her website for the details.  I’ll be sending her these photos with a short story as to how this thimble came to be mine.  Linda also has a favorite feature of mine: the color fix.  She finds fun and unusual color pictures for inspiration and posts them regularly on her blog.  I love them as my mind starts thinking how can I make this or that photo into a quilt.  Love it!  There is one photo on the post right now that I’m giving serious consideration to…though I’m going to have to collect a huge amount of thread to accomplish this!

Happy Quilting!


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