Exciting Days

Last night we went out to dinner at BarCar in Mt. Vernon, NY.  BarCar is fairly new, only opening last August.  The food is off the hook!  I’m not usually one for soup, however they had a creamy mushroom soup that I just had to try.  Wow!  I ate the whole bowl.  My dmil enjoyed her French Onion Soup and my sweetie had the Panzanella salad, the flavors just worked together so very well!

On the specials menu were pork tenderloin and soft shell crabs that were ordered and thorougly enjoyed by my sweetie and dmil respectively.  I tried the pork…I’ll have that again.  I had the Sloppy Giuseppe and will have that again.   I brought some Sloppy Giuseppe home for lunch today and maybe I’ll have it for breakfast instead.  Instead of parsley as a garnish on the plate Chef Alex Diaz uses Watercress and it adds a bit of a spicy peppery kick to the dish. 

Dessert – oh – dessert.  When we looked at their menu on restaurant.com the desserts were what hooked us.  Seriously.  My sweetie got the granny smith apple tart with the pistachio butter….melt in your mouth, the flavors worked so well together.  Dmil the chocolate cake with the raspberry sauce and me – the chocolate mousse with the drunken blueberries.  My sweetie helped me finish the mousse – it was so rich and decadent!  

Between courses the chef came out to chat with us (and the other customers there – the restaurant isn’t too busy on Monday & Tuesday).  He’s quite friendly and enjoys talking about his food!  The menu changes regularly keeping up with what’s fresh.  If you get a chance this place is well worth going.  I’m sorry I didn’t bring my camera – the food is really beautiful!

Over the weekend my sweetie and I went on a mini vacation.  We had a great time.  Visited the Sand Castle Winery – enjoyed their wines so much.  Theirs is the first American Chardonnay that I really enjoyed.  Wow!  Most I’ve tasted have had a froufrou water taste to them.  Ugh.  Sand Castle Chardonnays were wonderful!

On our way home we had a bit of car trouble, the back drivers side wheel needs some component replaced.  None of the guys working at the dealership ever saw this happen before!  We were really lucky this wasn’t worse that it was, the wheel could have fallen off while we were driving, it didn’t. 

Coming later this week – photos of customer quilts in progress (at least from the back) and hopefully some pictures of a quilt that I hope to get into Quilt Odyssey this summer!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Mmmmmm…chocolate mousse. So glad you had a nice weekend! Looking forward to quilt pictures!

  2. Sorry I’m so far away. That sounded like a wonderful evening. I’m with your sweetie and anything apple! Sorry about the car trouble. I’m glad nobody was hurt. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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