The machine & I are good friends these days

I’m going to start getting permission to post photos of at least the backs of customer quilts. I think it makes sense and a lot of other quilters post at least the backs of customer quilts.
I’m also finishing up a Benartex quilt that needs to get out this week. I’m hoping to finish the quilting tomorrow and get it out to them. I’m using Minkee on the back. This stuff is so soft and so far I’m not having any trouble working with it. The Silver Metallic breaks every now & again, however I think it’s stress from the weight of the quilt rather than the thread. I have the tension turned down to zero. The quilt design is coming along. As soon as I finish this quilt I’ll place an order for fabric and get this quilt out the door.
Working on the Hoffman Challenge is still in the “how am I going to quilt this” design stage. I have some ideas that I need to run by Anne – it will come together in time.

Tomorrow I will share a kid story from the quilt shop.


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