Thought I’d share and…

First – a link to the segway website with a photo of “Quilt Man”…well worth going! http://www.segwayonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3108

I linked this morning at “with thread in hand” and thought I’d share this with you.  Early morning reading can be so much fun.

Last night I worked on the Benartex quilt and ran into a bit of a bunching up problem with the backing.  One of the hazards of not basting a quilt.  Yes, you read that right, I didn’t baste the quilt.  Sometimes when a quilt is small enough and the fibers are sticking together I won’t baste at all.  With this quilt it is smaller and trying to pin baste wasn’t such a hot idea and with the minkee on the back I was concerned about how it would stitch.  The bunching up only on one corner where I wasn’t paying particular attention to smoothing the minkee as I stitched.   So I’m frogging one corner.  Other than that I love the minkee and will invest in some next time there’s a pregnant mom I need to make a quilt for.  It’s lovely.  I love the way the thread sinks in to the minkee and the quilting design is the “negative effect”. 

Today I will finish this quilt, deliver another and get started on oh, so many more.  

Happy quilting!


trapunto-4Just some quilting for your pleasure!

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  1. Hey Teri!
    We saw “Quilt Man” in Paducah, and he has great legs!! Obviously a very secure young man!

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