Singer Treadle

the machineThis beauty came home with my sweetie yesterday afternoon.  I was a bit shocked to find this in the back of the car.  Holy Cow.

She’s a treadle.  I have two other Singers, both model 15’s one’s birthdate is 1910 and the other is 1951.  The one from 1910 was a treadle and someone modified it to be run on electric.  It has been my dream to restore her to a treadle.

With the addition of this beauty, I think I’ll let that slide.

treadle basethe base is in good condition.  Sweetie thinks that someone painted it at some point, probably to prevent rust.  I tried the pedal and it moves.  All that’s needed is a belt and we’ll be working in no time.


The woodwork on the cabinet is gorgeous and quite detailed.  It needs a bit of restoration and sweetie will take care of that.  This piece actually tips forward and there’s a little drawer there.

woodwork on drawer side

This is the woodwork on the side of the drawers.  The cabinet alone is pretty.  I’d say master cabinet makers at work here.


Here’s the original manual that was in one of the drawers.  There is a sales receipt as well.  If the sales receipt is accurate the woman, who’s name is Theresa (my name) purchased the machine in 1906.  I’m calling Singer with the seriel number tomorrow.  As I searched the internet yesterday I was getting some conflicting information.

patent datesThis is the slide out for the bobbin housing.  The last patent date is 1896.

I still have to figure out where she’s going to live.  My sewing space is rather full at the moment.  Hmm.

Happy Quilting!


8 thoughts on “Singer Treadle”

  1. Looks like a wonderful machine. We have one up in our attic that was his grandmom’s machine, I keep telling him that we NEED to get it downstairs so I can take a really good look at it. Good luck with your new treasure!

  2. Hi Teresa- my neighbor gave me an old sewing machine which belonged to a great-aunt. I’ve never thought of looking into how old it is until today when my sister and I decided to look into it. Somehow we ended up with comparing the machine to your picture and I think we have a match! In any event, I just wanted to thank you for posting your picture and story and I hope you were able to restore it. Mine does not have the belt to make the wheel turn…. not sure what makes the foot pedal work either. Right now I have the machine stored inside the original cabinet with a crocheted cloth and a tea set. It sits beautifully in my dining room. thanks again and God Bless.

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