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Our Textile History

Saturday afternoon my sweetie and I visited the Windham Textile Museum in Willimantic, CT also known as Thread City USA.  The east coast has a rich and vibrant textile history.  Okay some of it is downright ugly but that's not for this post. Mills were located all over New England where ever the rivers would provide… Continue reading Our Textile History

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Muffins & Studio Reorganization

Since we put in the new windows a few weeks ago I've been reorganizing the studio.  I've still got a ways to go but I'm liking the perspective so far. instead of having the tables form an "L" shape in the corner and everything else off to my right I've started by putting a little… Continue reading Muffins & Studio Reorganization


Singer Treadle

This beauty came home with my sweetie yesterday afternoon.  I was a bit shocked to find this in the back of the car.  Holy Cow. She's a treadle.  I have two other Singers, both model 15's one's birthdate is 1910 and the other is 1951.  The one from 1910 was a treadle and someone modified… Continue reading Singer Treadle