Sweet Emily’s

Last night my sweetie, a couple of friends and I went into the City for dinner.  Restaurant.com is our guide to some fab dining anywhere we go.  There have been a few clunkers however it’s rare.

Last night was the rule.  We dined at Sweet Emily’s 321 W 51st St.  My sweetie called to make reservations for 6:00, chatted with Emily…of course with NYCity traffic we were late, however our friends already arrived so we didn’t lose anything.  It worked out well as most of the pre-theatre crowd was on their way to see their shows!

Emily met us at the door with enthusiasm and charm.  Our friends had the Seafood Ceviche while they waited for us and enjoyed it.  My sweetie ordered the Bacon Mac & Cheese Croquette…we shared them with him and then had a second order.  For dinner my sweetie had the Chicken Fried Steak…it was as good as we remember from when we lived in Georgia!  Yum.  I had smoked pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon with grits and port wine reduction…oh my goodness!  It was off the hook.  Vincent, the chef, smokes the meat right there at the restaurant and does an amazing job.  The meat was tender, not overly smokey and melted in my mouth like butter.

Vincent and Emily made the rounds of the tables when things were a bit slower.  Nice couple.  The bought the place after the restaurant was closed for a year.  They just opened Sweet Emily’s in February and have quite a nice thing going.  The decor is warm and inviting.  There’s a space for larger groups and they’re just finishing setting up a space for premiers and viewings.

If you’re ever in the City this is a great place for dinner.  I know we’ll be back.  Soon.


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  1. That sounded like a fun and DELICIOUS night. The Bacon Mac and cheese does sound REALLY good!

  2. Teri. Teri. Teri. You are awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE what you did, Isn’t it fun to play and not have a real direction and then see what happens? I am so happy the color fixes inspires you…I really am!

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