Creative play

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on two different projects in the quilt room.  Both projects require a lot of attention to detail and are on hard time lines.  I love deadlines, they make it so much easier to work.

At a certain point in the day I needed to stop & play for a while.   With each blog post Linda Poole has a color fix where she finds photos that are meant to inspire new ways of looking at color and get your creative juices flowing.  Every time Linda posts I can see a quilt in my minds eye and will be working on building my thread stash to see what I can do to make these happen.  Linda has encouraged me to work on a small scale, something I can accomplish in  an hour or so.  Thanks Linda!

So last night I played.  full view 2And had so much fun.  I started with the green for the stems.  Randomly placing the straight ones until I was happy where they were – at this point I didn’t know they were going to be flowers.

Next I saw the lighter color batik with the oranges, purples, yellow & gray…the shape reminded me of flowers so now I have a direction to go with.

Then the dark red came from another project I’m working on for an exhibit with the City Quilter and had about that much fabric left.   I cut circles from the dark red and then smaller circles from the background of the flower batik and fused them together to create the centers for the other flowers.

batik flower

On it’s own this is quite a fun fabric.  Each flower is quilted differently to give a bit of interest.

flower closeupAround each one of the red flowers I used blue to create petals and orange to create a bit of detail.

I have quite a bit of quilting left to do.  The finished piece will be no larger than 18 x 20.  I’m not quite sure of a title yet, I’ll ask the gals in my mini group later this afternoon.  They’re awesome for input!

purple flower

Have a great day!


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