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had some late nights working on getting 2 quilts done.  The first is for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero of Kaleidoscope Collections.  She posted on facebook that she had to get a quilt done in time for Houston and I offered to quilt it for her.  I need to get permission to put pics up on the blog however if you’re in Houston this week stop by her booth and look for the autumn looking drunkards path quilt.  It’s small 18 x 43.

The other quilt I finished this week is a guild quilt that I’ll get photos of on Tuesday at our guild meeting.  The quilt is being donated to Common Ground to raise money for their homeless veterans.  Village Squares members made house blocks that were then turned into a quilt.  Each block will be auctioned to raise money for the vets.  Great idea.  Since this quilt was on a time line and needed to be passed on to the next person to add the binding & label I didn’t have time to get pictures.

So yesterday, though I still have a few projects to do I worked on this.

IMG_4338Mickey DePre & I have been talking about working on quilts together…she pieces and I quilt.  A while back I purchased some Kona PFD fabric to play on as this is what Mickey uses for dying fabric.  I took some time yesterday to quilt a piece up.

I watched Gina Perkes demo this technique for orange peel on The Quilt Show one episode and have had fun playing with it ever since.  To get the green (MasterPiece) background grid I drew one line then used the edge of the foot to get the rest of the lines.  I switched to a gold color So Fine thread by Superior Threads.  These fine threads made it possible to get the very very small size going on in this piece.

IMG_4340I laid my ruler on top of the orange peel section to really get some perspective myself on the size that this quilted.  Whew it’s tiny, however it was fun!

In another section I played with another fill in techniquepfd quilt play 1, again working in a smaller scale so see if it could be accomplished and if it would look like I imagined it.

I have a habit of placing bobbins on the extra spool pin either for use later or because they’re empty.  Two of the bobbins I’d placed on the pin were full as I’d been playing with that color the night before and had them there for use.  Somehow the thread from one of the bobbins started winding around the spool of thread I was using and started messing with the tension and at the point where I noticed it and in the scale I was working I wasn’t pulling it out, particularly since this is a practice piece.

I’m heading to pick up Twilight in the Bronx later today.  I’ll send it off to Nashua later this week.

Happy Quilting!


PS – just learned that “Twilight in the Bronx” earned a 2nd place ribbon at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Celebration.

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  1. Geez Louise I’d need to be working with a gigantic magnifying glass to do work at that scale… LOL

    Beautiful work… and congrats on the ribbon!

  2. Teri – I’m really happy to hear you and Mickey might be working together. Look out quilt world! I just have to keep telling you how amazing I think you quilting is. Congrats on the win. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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