Bernina 24 foot revisit and bunny ears

Linda M. Poole is issuing a challenge to her blog readers.  We often make quilts for other people – babies, friends, grand bababies, nieces, nephews, people we don’t even know who are in need of the warmth, care & concern a quilt will bring.  I am in process of making a quilt for me…the next in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series.  This quilt is going in a direction that I didn’t expect it to, I’m enjoying the process however I do need to give it more time because I have some goals with it.

Linda is encouraging each quilter in the challenge to spend 15 minutes working on this particular quilt.  Fifteen minutes is an easy amount of time to work on this challenge and loads can be accomplished in short periods of time.

Linda also has several great features on her blog…including the color fix which usually sends my imagination into over drive trying to figure out how to quilt some of these things!



Bernina 24 foot on rulerSomeone emailed me this week asking the width of the opening of the Bernina #24 foot, the Freehand Embroidery foot, that I use for quilting.

*The quilt under the foot is the forest quilt.  I’m going to work on getting permission to post pictures of some of the trees.*


Bernina 24 foot openingThe actual opening from tip to tip – straight across – is 1/4 of an inch.  This seems quite expansive and potentially feels like the stitches might catch on the tips of the opening.  The only time I’ve ever had stitches catch is when my stitches have been too big.  Thats one more thing this particular foot helps me remain focused on is keeping the quilting stitches consistent.

bunny ears and gingher scissorsBenartex sent me a pattern to test that uses lots and lots and lots of half square triangles.  These are the bunny ears from 56 half square triangles.

That’s a lot of bunny ears.  As soon as they post show the quilt on their site I’ll post a link here on the blog.



I’m hoping to post again later this week with some pics of the forest quilt.

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Bernina 24 foot revisit and bunny ears”

  1. This is also the foot I like to use for machine quilting. I also like the open toed foot when I am using the Bernina Stitch Regulator. Have you tried the BSR? And, if so, which sole plate do you prefer?

    1. I have tried the BSR and have grown to love it! I stick to what I know works for me and keep the open toe on there. Unless I’m using a students machine then I use whatever they’re most comfortable with, though I do have them try the open toed foot.

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