Quilting a forest.

I’m quilting a forest and my customer said I can share some photos.  I’m not going to reveal the full quilt mostly because it’s hers and partly because I don’t have the space to take a picture.  This quilt is larger than a king size and I just passed the halfway point quilting these trees.

This is a fun quilt.  As you can see each tree is quilted differently…I’m repeating a lot of stitches.

I’m also nearly finished one of the Benartex quilts and I’m working on my first lecture and classes for my brochure.  I’ll have a new brochure done in a few weeks.

Happy quilting!



7 thoughts on “Quilting a forest.”

    1. The title will be “Quilting is a Beautiful and Complicated Art”. It will be a trunk show with the focus on influences (like yourself and Renee), turning points (entering shows, starting to understand machine quilting) and techniques (hand & machine work, etc). I’m still in process of writing it and deciding which quilts to incorporate.

      1. Which quilts to incorporate – this is a fluid process with my lectures. As I pack my bags it kind of depends what mood I am in (and which quilt calls out to me) as to which ones end up in the bag!

        I love quiltng and its many areas!

  1. Looks like you’re having loads of fun. I wish we could see the entire quilt. What a combination of stitches and thread.

  2. Not sure if you’ll see this on such an old post. I’ve searched the internet for this pattern and all I can find is a photo on Pinterest that leads me to you 😉 My grandmother (an avid quilter) has a version of this hanging in her living room. She no longer has the pattern bc of a house fire that unfortunately started in her sewing room 😒 Do you have any way of directing me to the pattern? I and she would greatly appreciate it.

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