Kate Perri’s Quilt

My friend, student, fellow teacher Kate Perri is going to be part of an art exhibit at the White Plains Public Library in January.   She asked me to quilt this for the exhibit:

This NY Beauty is made entirely of silk.  The backing is cotton, batting is an 80/20 cotton/poly blend and the thread used to quilt is YLI silk.

This was such a pleasure to quilt.  When I started quilting there was to be a lot of stitch in the ditch and there is quite a bit.  I added some orange peel just to soften the pinwheel blocks and while it’s evident from looking at the quilt that it’s been quilted the neutral gray color doesn’t make a whole lot of a presence.

When I saw the quilt originally I told Kate the borders needed to be feathered and I would treat all 3 borders as one unit to get a bit of a bigger width.  The feathers are freehand and I used 2 threads (both the pink & gray we chose for quilting).
Each block is quilted similarly…

The motif is based on swirling feathers…

The corners needed to be quilted and thought simple lines radiating from the tips of the beauty arcs would fit well.

Kate will see the quilt in person tomorrow.  I’m off for another silk quilting adventure…making several small memory quilts for a former coworker…they were her dad’s ties.

Happy quilting!

Happy New Year,


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