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The Wilds of Saturday & Sunday

The weather in the tri-state area has been miserable over the last few days.  Wind, rain, more wind, more rain.  Two of my students called out on Saturday because of the weather.  I gave some quick instructions over the phone for the two of them and hope they can get some piecing done this week.  While “Twist & Turn Bargello” isn’t complicated it’s labor intensive!

At around 4:3o (Saturday) the power went out then came right back on again – but not all of it.  About 1/3 of the shop was out!  We moved everyone along, managed to close out and headed home.  My sweetie & I then went to NJ.

Sunday we decided to head to CT.  Yep, that’s right, CT.  Our goal was to go to the Bush Holley Museum to see “A Stitch in Time” quilt exhibit.  The museum was closed due to a power outage.  So I’ll go another time.  Another quilter has said she’d ride shotgun with me.  Woohoo!

We’ve recently purchased a GPS for my sweeties vehicle – partly because there’s one in my vehicle and he loves it.  It really helps get around traffic.  His setup has a few more features than the one in my car so it will figure out detours quite quickly.  With all of the downed trees yesterday we were quite grateful for this feature.

I’ve heard that GPS’s will sometimes do this…give incorrect information.  We were looking for Quilters Dream – a shop in Willimantic CT.  As we were coming into town the GPS kept telling us it was on the right.  Couldn’t find it.  Since there was only 1/2 an hour til they closed we called them and asked for confirmation of the address and what the building looks like.   We reprogrammed the GPS and headed back a block or two and again the opposite side of the road only this time we had some building information and voila! it was on the right side this time.  So there GPS!

Quilters Dream is a beautiful shop!  I wandered around nearly bought a yard of Kona – there are two lines of Kona solids…I like Kona black but this one has a nicer hand to it.  I left it there because Kona has a different line I want to try that is a silk/cotton blend.  I did purchase a few spools of King Tut and a small Quilters Dream Orient that I’ve been wanting to try.  I’m thinking this might be for “Moon over Manhattan” – we’ll see.

Then as I’m checking out I see the current issue of  The Quilter Magazine Bob Silverman from Joyful Quilter mentioned that “Twilight in the Bronx” is in there with the rest of the winners from A Quilters Gathering.  So I got that too.

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “The Wilds of Saturday & Sunday”

  1. I gave Doc a GPS for Christmas a year ago and I used it to go to quilt retreat last May. I had a similar experience but it did get me there which would have been horrible without it because of the roads I had to travel. I was thrilled to have it with me.
    I saw reports of the east coast weather yesterday, it didn’t sound good.

  2. You were brave coming into lower CT as they really got hit down there. I just wanted to say I’ve been stopping in at Quilter’s Dream once a week lately. We eat at the Brewery (old post office) and head to the shop. Our raffle quilt was hanging there for a couple of weeks. I bought some of that orange Northcott and a purple there. Did you notice the display as you walked in the door?

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