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These last couple of weeks I’ve been working on stuff for other people…one I’ll be able to show you in a couple of days & the other will get delivered to the customer.  I’ll ask about posting photos.

Once these two quilts are complete I’ll have 2 quilts that will need to be accomplished quite quickly.  One is for the Village Squares Quilters.  We’re having our biennial Quilt Celebration November 13 & 14th at Solomon Schechter School of Westchester in Hartsdale.  The quilt committee has asked me to quilt it!  As soon as it’s quilted and we have a photo of the quilt I will post it here for you to see.  The quilt is batiks & black (Love that Kona Cotton!) and is quite striking.  We’re using Superior thread and I can’t wait to see how this quilts out.  Mary Anne Ciccotelli made a “fun back” from the left over fabric for the quilt top.

The other quilt is for Sarah Vedeler that will end up in a magazine.  I do know the details and will share them with you once I’m free to do so!  I met Sarah in the green room for Quilting Arts TV last summer, she’s doing amazing quilts with silk & cotton & Aurifil thread and her Bernina 830!

Look at this silk beauty!  Sarah uses the embroidery module quite well!

Thanks for letting me quilt your quilt Sarah!

I’ll be updating my teaching schedule soon…I’m waiting to find out when I’m teaching at the other shop.

When I come back from Lancaster I’ll be submitting my paperwork to teach machine quilting – beginner & advanced as well as a doodling class with AQS.  There’s paperwork to fill out for each class so it’s a bit to do.  I do have a great support system with my sweetie and a few others who will read through things for me before I send everything in.

I’ll be in Lancaster from Thursday through Sunday – please say hi if you see me.  I’d love to meet blog friends.

I’ll have a little announcement a little later in the week or maybe early next week about something I’m really excited about.  I need to finish working out the details with the other party then will share.  OH my goodness I can tell you it’s not something I’ve ever thought would happen.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. You are such a tease Teri! I would love to take a machine quilting class with you!

  2. You just keep breaking into newer and newer ventures, you see, one door opens another. Good journeys, Teri. It is fun following your blog.

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