A bit of this and that

Lisa is working on getting the video ready. She’s had a bit of a technical delay…the cord to connect the camera to the computer went missing. She searched and searched, with no success. Bang.Head.Here! A new cord procured and Lisa is well on the way. This photo was accidental. Funny, but accidental. The memory on Lisa’s camera got full right before our last moment. After mounting my camera on her tripod. My new camera that is barely broken in, so we’re both trying to figure out what button to push. I turns out it’s not the same button for taking a photo. Pressing that button gets photos like this an action shot of sorts. What cracks me up is the look on my face…so serious. Lisa and I were having a great time and laughing.


After a long wait I finally have the BERNINA Patchwork foot for the 9 mm wide machines with Dual Feed, the 97 D. Alas it is in my sewing room untouched. And will be that way until shortly after I get home from Road to California. I am in a final push for prep for my classes. And we have some family changes that have kept me out of my sewing room while we get ready. It’s a lovely change and I’m excited about it.

After seeing what Sarah Vedeler can do with the Silhouette Cameo I got the Silhouette Portrait. Sarah Designed It’s a Sterling life on Berkeley Square for BERNINA using the Cameo and the embroidery features on the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition. It’s gorgeous. Both the machine and the quilt.
portrait_straightonI am planning on using the Portrait for a project in the book and for a few other quilts that are rambling through my head. Being able to cut shapes quickly and easily is kind of exciting. Sarah gives some great tips in her blog posts.

Happy Quilting!


Encouraging a different perspective

curved feather on black silkOne of my very favorite conversations is “if it isn’t hand quilted it isn’t a quilt” or “hand quilted means putting your heart into a quilt”.

I no longer get my panties in a wad
My back no longer gets up

I just share

because I’ve been in that group who thought and felt and experienced and said that out loud.

Now I just share

that I love hand quilting and appreciate the level of work that goes into the hand quilting process
I can hand quilt, I can hand piece, hand applique


I’ve found home, peace, contentment in doing the machine work. Nobody is more surprised than me. But I do. I love the hum of the machine, listening to the needle pierce the layers of batting and fabric seeing stitches form evenly and cleanly as I stitch around the surface of the quilt. My heart is all over that baby.

at play greg case


@play is my heart, in that moment, on a quilt

I can clearly see the journey of this quilt and hear her whispers.


I can see how good Greg Case made her look and

how squaring her up made a difference

I can see the gift of what she taught me and appreciate her beauty

corner stone

I can see my heart in Quantum Leap too.

I can see the growth and progress.

I can see things I think as flaws that no one will notice

I can see the love in this quiltSarah vedeler future quilt

Yep, my heart is here too

I can see my heart in one of my future quilts as well that will be based on this photo of Sarah Vedeler taken at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel while we were at BERNINA University.

Yep my heart will be here too.

If your heart is in hand work I get it.
If your heart is in machine work, I get it
if you heart is in quilting on a long arm, I get it.

My one question this Saturday afternoon. . . how can we appreciate the beauty in all of quilting? How do we promote that perspective shift? One that honors and respects quilters no matter what their style? How do we work on developing that appreciation for the broad range of quilt making that’s out there?

These are serious questions quilters. I’d like to hear what your thoughts.

Happy Quilting!




Exciting news and an Interview with. . .that crazy quilty girl Lisa Sipes

I’ve only met Lisa Sipes, that crazy quilty girl, on facebook and we’re looking forward to meeting one another in person.  Lisa is a long arm quilting and quilts for Sarah Vedeler, Thomas Knauer.  A quilter for a little over three years she has a long arm quilting business and has mad quilting skills.  Lisa is also an award winning quilter (check out her Be Dazzled quilt below), she recently quilted Sedona Star which is the TQS Block of the month for 2012.  See the quilt right here:

Sedona Star

Before I continue my announcement: I have been accepted to teach at Quilt Festival in HOUSTON!  My schedule:

Friday Nov 2 for “Quilting is a Beautiful & Complicated art” and “And now What?!

Saturday Nov 3 for Beginner Free Motion Quilting

I’ll know more about how long I will be in Houston a little later in the year as I need to figure out when I’m going to get there.  I want to have time to see the show and visit with friends from The Quilt Show and other places.  I hope to meet you there!

Here's Lisa!

And now back to the interview!

Teri: Hi Lisa!  Thanks for working through the interview process with me.  Would you share about how long you’ve been quilting and how you got started?

Lisa: Three years and three months!  That’s sort of a long story, but a short story.  I have worked nearly every type of job one can imagine.  At the time I was office manager for an office supply distribution company.  I was B-O-R-E-D.  Most of my (semi) adult life had been spent cooped up in an office where I had to take out all of my piercings and have no visible tattoos.  I’d never really done anything creative other than my writing, so when my mom suggested that I give quilting a shot I thought she was absolutely insane.  I didn’t know a single thing about quilting, but I gave the longarm a shot, and I liked it.  Two months later I had already quilted at least 25 quilts, and I started piecing my first quilt top.



Teri: With so many longarm quilting machines on the market how did you come to choose Gammill?

Lisa: I have driven basically every machine out there.  I don’t want to bad mouth any other brands, but there were some very obvious advantages to the Gammill versus other machines.  I really like the APQS machines too, but I had a hard time with the “ergonomic” handles on them.  The Gammill is like the Bentley of quilting machines.  Their customer service is second to none.  They glide smoothly, give a beautiful stitch, offer tons of features and options and there is no play in the machine.  Play in the head while stitching is one of the main things I noticed in other machines.  I love my Gammills!

Teri: Lisa, I know you have two longarms can you share a little bit about them and since we’re facebook friends and I saw you go through the process of naming your machines can you share a bit about their names?

Lisa: Absolutely.  I have a Gammill Optimum, 30″ head on a 14′ table.  Her name is Bertha because she’s big and mean and you don’t want to mess with her.  Then I also have a Gammill Vision, 22″ head on a 12′ table.  His name is Oliver (Ollie for short).  I love the name Oliver and also Karen Marchetti’s owl quilt, which is also named Oliver.  It’s just a cute name.  Since he is smaller and cuter than his big sister, it seemed perfect.

Teri: What are your favorite patterns & colors?

Lisa: I don’t really have a favorite pattern, because I haven’t created it yet.  I’m really liking paper piecing lately.  I want to create something completely off the wall and fabulous in the near future.  My favorite color is pink, but I love all of the bright colors.  I’m not really one for dull or subdued.  I can certainly appreciate their beauty, but I’m drawn to bright.  My favorite backgrounds are grey, white and black, which make the bright colors that I like to use really pop out of the surface.

Teri: Do you have a favorite part of the quilting process?

Lisa:  My favorite part is every part, EXCEPT for the math!  I enjoy dreaming things up and piecing, but the actual quilting is the part that I really look forward to.  Usually when I make a quilt, I design it around the type of quilting I want to do.  My BeDazzled quilt was the exception there, as I had no idea what I was going to do for quilting until the day I loaded it on the frame.  And look at it now!

Teri: You mentioned that your least favorite part of quilting is the math, a lot of quilters will agree with you!  Is this why you prefer paper piecing?  Do you think it’s important for quilt makers to use math through the process?

Lisa: I like paper piecing because if it’s done PROPERLY, it is the most accurate piecing you’ll ever do.  I’m not a huge fan of cutting either, and with paper piecing you can pretty much just chop a bunch of fabric up and not worry about how accurate you are as long as it covers what it’s supposed to.  As far as the importance of math, that depends entirely upon what type of project you’re doing.  If you use Rayna Gillman’s technique of creating a free-form quilt (and I highly suggest that you do), you don’t have to worry about math, or much of anything.  However if you’re doing traditional piecing and want your quilt to look nice, then yes.  Math is probably the single-most important part of the process.

Teri: Do you have a blog or website that you’d like to share?

Lisa: http://thatcrazyquiltygirl.blogspot.com/

Thank you Lisa!

Happy Quilting!



Hand dyes

Last week Ally came into the shop to get fabric for a new project she’s working on.  Ally took machine quilting classes from me at the quilt cottage several years ago.  If memory serves Ally took the beginner machine quilting then moved right into the advanced class as she was going back to work right after the advanced class.  Over the last couple of years Ally has sent pics of her quilts.  I’ve very much enjoyed how much she loves to quilt, the whole quilting process.

She came in to see if we carry Kaufman’s pimatex pfd, long story short we don’t but we were able to order the whole bolt for her.  You see Ally’s been dyeing fabric for a while.  See the fabrics to the left  <—- those gorgeous hand dyes right over there <—- Ally dyed those.  And I am the grateful recipient!!!

I will be purchasing from Ally in the future.  These are luscious.

I’m seeing now that the light is weird and throwing off the color the yellow is actually an orange it’s deep and rich.

The blue and medium purple are showing up well but the orange and the deep purple (almost brown) aren’t showing up so well.

 You can get a better sense of the colors in this picture.  They are delightful and quite evenly dyed.  I can hardly wait to play with them.  I’m thinking a little zentangle inspired art in either a 6 or 8 inch square.  I can hardly wait to get stitching.  Alas that will have to wait a little since I have some other work that needs to get done.

I might be rethinking when I get started stitching.


Just a reminder I’m teaching at MQX East in April.  I would love to have you in class!

I’ve entered “Moon Over Manhattan” into the show and Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero of Kaleidoscope Collections and I are discussing entering our quilt “Feather Zone” into both AQS Lancaster and MQX East.  “Feather Zone” is from the Kaleidoscope Creator Feathers Template pack.  Jeanie was working on the Feathers pack, sending pics back & forth auditioning several designs before settling on the final design.  When I got the quilt I swooned.  The quilt is double batted using bamboo and silk for stability and loft respectively.  I sent Jeanie sneak peaks of the quilting here and there but I must admit to being a bit of a tease.  I didn’t send final pics of the quilting before shipping it off.  Truth be told I really didn’t have time to take them and she was on the road to Quilt Market in Houston.

Sarah Vedeler & Lisa Sipes were with Jeanie when she opened “Feather Zone” from what they said Jeanie was thrilled to bits.  Wish I could have seen her face but alas, a trip to Houston will be for next year I hope.  I’ll let you know where the quilt will be shown as soon as Jeanie and I work out the details.

Happy quilting!


Fons & Porter Episode

A while back I wrote this blog  about quilting for the fabulous Sarah Vedeler.  Sarah was on a hard deadline to submit the quilt for the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Fons & Porter – click here for the blog.  I got the quilt done.  Shortly after the quilt made it to Iowa Sarah & I learned that the quilt would be featured on an episode of Love of Quilting.  Excited doesn’t quite say it!

We’re on Episode 1705 – Jazzy Stars.   The quilt is also on the cover of the dvd.   The quilt is on the lower right corner, on a bed with some brightly colored pillows.  Marianne & Mary go through some of the techniques Sarah used to piece the quilt top.  Whew I’m amazed at the technique they managed to get through in such a short amount of time and the step-outs are incredible!  Cindy Hathaway (the floor director/sewist for the show) created a mini version to help with the visuals.

I’m working on getting myself together for Knoxville (I believe there is still room in my classes for you, I’d love to see you) , preparing to teach a class on Friday (Beginner Free Motion Quilting) and another class on July 9th.

Happy Quilting!



quilting for Sarah Vedeler - recently published in Fons & Porter

Last summer I took a business related class with Mary Kerr at the quilt show in Maine.  As a result I quilted for her and I’m beginning to listen to her advice about promoting what I do as a quilter.

I am a quilter for hire.  Have been for quite a long time, however I’ve been a bit shy about sharing what I do for my customers.  2011, as I’ve hinted is bringing about new opportunities that I’ve been working on for a while including adding a page on the blog with a basic price list for the services I offer as a quilter.  Generally, I use Superior Threads & Aurifil if there is some other thread you’d enjoy please let me know.

I’m also available to lecture and teach.  My focus is teaching machine quilting and how to improve skill as a machine quilter.  After spending time as a machine quilting instructor over the last few years, I love this!  I’d love to come teach at your guild or shop.  Please feel free to contact me @ terificreations@gmail.com.

Happy New Year & Happy Quilting!


Sarah Vedeler

Fons & Porter

If you haven’t been introduce to Sarah Vedeler Designs, allow me.  I met Sarah when we were both in Cleveland OH taping for the 500 series of Quilting Arts TV.  Sarah shows her embroidered quilt blocks which are just amazing!  We had dinner together and through facebook have stayed in contact.  Several months ago Sarah asked me to quilt for her.  I said yes, she sent the quilt.  It’s one of those projects that I couldn’t show because the quilt was going to end up in Fons & Porter.  So if you get Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting look in the November/December issue pages 62/63 for Sarah’s Stars quilt.

Sarah sent Aurifil thread with the quilt because it needed to go with the stars.  I had so much fun quilting this.

The folks at Fons & Porter liked the quilt so much that it will be displayed on one of the shows in the 1100 series I believe.  I’ll let you know when it comes out.

You may have noticed that I took down my lectures/workshops and one other page.  That’s only temporary I need to work out some details and will put the pages back up shortly.

Happy quilting!