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Good Customer Service & thread rack

When I purchased EQ6 I told Arlene from Sparkling Suzy Studio that I would post to my blog about her good customer service.  I met Arlene on facebook – loving the networking among quilters! – and when I started talking about purchasing EQ6 Arlene told me that she carried it and after a few emails back & forth I purchased the software from Arlene.  She’s friendly – we chatted for about 40 minutes.  The software arrived within days and I’m quite happy!

Thank you so much Arlene!

As promised a couple of weeks ago I’m finally taking a picture of my full thread rack.  From the top count down 8 rows and that’s the Superior Thread stash that includes King Tut, MasterPiece, SoFine, Bottom Line and Brytes.

Next is the Aurifil which is quite limited and I need to build up that part of the stash.  I will have a few more spools this afternoon when I drop off a quilt @ the quilt cottage…if I’m lucky I’ll drop off two quilts…better get busy.

Next 3 rows are Sulky and one lone spool of Kinkame Silk and one spool of Presencia.

That’s not all of the thread I have as you can see it’s spilling over onto the table.

I’m leaving for Lancaster in the morning so won’t be blogging again until next week unless one detail gets finished on a project…which it should today.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Good Customer Service & thread rack”

  1. Just counting the $ in your thread! Pretty! Have a great trip to Lancaster, our Guild’s bus left this am.

  2. oh that’s not fair… you only buys spools, I buy cones of Superior and have about 30 cones of Masterpiece, SoFine, Bottomline and Brytes. Plus all the spools of Razzle Dazzle, King Tut, Living Colors and New Brytes…. so getting to shopping lady :-).

    My Lancaster goodie bag is going to be filled with Aurifil 50wt and then some YLI Silk.

    Have fun this weekend!

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