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Venetian Lace Update

Elizabeth Rosenbergs Venetian Lace really speaks to me in an unusual way.   First of all doing appliqué in a combined fusing and stitching…not normally my favorite in quilting.   A few years back when I learned about fusible appliqué I was a happy quilter.  This is a process I can get in to!

As I worked in fusible appliqué I started with much more random & unplanned shapes.  At the time and even now this is hugely stepping outside my quilting realm, however I like the process and it’s quite freeing.

When I held the piece of lace in my hand my eyes went to the teeny, tiny knots – hand knotted by women who love their craft.  If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll know I love tiny stitching.

I placed the bobbin here as a reference for just how much and how small the stitching is on this little piece.

I’m swirling my way through the background on here in honor of the women who make such lovely tiny knots, creating incredible patterns of lace.

I’m using is King Tut to create these swirls and having a lot of fun.  Talking to a friend last night I shared with her that I’ve finally realized I’m nuts.  Oh well, it’s a good kind of nuts.  The kind that make my heart sing as I see this piece to completion.  I’m already thinking of the next piece and thinking of switching the thread play – using King Tut to do the blanket stitching around the lacy pieces and MasterPiece or Aurifil for the background quilting.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Oh gee, Teri! I never saw this when you first wrote it! Thanks for the lovely compliments, and I return the favor. I love what you’ve done with YOUR lace!

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