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Quick Post from the Northern Star Show

I did not get pictures. Had the camera and a working memory card and still did not get pictures.

The gym was really warm yesterday and I missed two rows of quilts (I’m going to tell on myself here so enjoy the laugh).  In this two rows that I missed were quilts quilted by students that I didn’t get to see hanging.  I was somewhat embarrassed because I caught up with one of them as she was going to pick up her quilt.  She showed it to me later and we talked about it for quite a while.  She’s completely ready for the Advanced Class.  I’m going to talk with Nancy at the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck about when we can offer it and will post dates shortly.

Renee and Mary Anne both won ribbons on their quilts.  I didn’t have anything entered into the show this year with all of the customer work I haven’t had time.  I’m kinda grateful for that.

Right now I’m taking advantage of some down time and working on several pieces that will go into various shows.  I had an inspiration with the Radiance pieces – putting them all together in one quilt.  I thought it was a good idea and am working out how to do that.  I’ll share the progress on the Radiance series once I get a little further along.  I have to bring my camera with me on a good day and get a picture of a wrought iron fence that just needs to be worked into a quilt.

I met Bob & Jim from the Joyful Quilter.  We’ve been facebook friends for a while.  They shared a little scoop with me and I can’t wait to tell you ’cause it’s going to be really exciting.  For some reason their website isn’t loading this morning so I can’t link over to it.

Happy quilting!


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