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mac & cheese

Here is one of the photos of the Mac & Cheese from Emma’s .  It has peas and bacon.  I’m not quite sure how it could have been more delightful.  I’m thinking this could make a great quilt.   I’m going to start a list of quilt ideas in the side bar.

This dish of hand made chips, maytag bleu cheese and truffle oil is quite sublime.  We couldn’t stop eating them.  Of course that made it more difficult later on to eat the fries with our burgers…cause we kept nipping at these.  The warm chips, the melty bleu cheese.  Yep, I’m salivating thinking of these.

And here Elizabeth poses with part of her lunch.  Emma’s serves hand made pretzel sticks with mustard rather than rolls or bread.   Elizabeth and I had beer, Renee had wine, I think.

And our final stop that day – the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck.  The walls are covered in pressed tin.  If you’re interested this delightful shop is for sale.  They bought…I’m thinking through a big thread purchase.  I’m waiting to see when Superior adds their new silk thread to their line.

I’ll be giving out the Golden Butterfly awards later this week.

There’s a quilt show in Warwick, NY this weekend.  Here’s an image of their raffle quilt

Happy quilting!


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