Sketchbook Project

I heard from several people including my friend Eileen Keane of Designing Quilts about the Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project.  Natalya Aikens (a Quilting Arts TV series 500 guest and fab artist and Cathy Wiggins from NC are participating as well.  Cathy enlisted her daughter and they’re going to do this as a summer project.  Once they’re turned in the Sketchbooks travel around the country and the world.   I’m taking it on as an exercise in growth and creativity and to focus on sketching out designs I have in my head.

Part of the cool part of the project is that each sketchbook has its own unique bar code and as people look at the sketchbook you’re notified by text or email.  One exciting thing for me is that the exhibit travels close enough to my family for them tosee it.

Happy Quilting!


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