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Remember this post?

In October 2008 I posted this:

Pictures of the state of my sewing room at the time.  I knew exactly where everything was and how to get to it easily.  Over time the room has been tidied and added to once again.  It’s constant as new quilts and idea’s come into being and leave to their new homes.

On Saturday I spent the day rearranging yet again.

We purchased a desk for our office space and I told DH that I wanted to have the table we’ve been using for a desk for my sewing table.   It took a while to get things out and back in but here are a few shots of where things are now.

This is the view from the door to the window.  There are two tables there, one in the corner under the window and a second at an “L”.  The second table is slightly lower than the first and in shoulder to ear ratio that’s a lot.

The 120 rack is situated on one of my antique sewing machine cabinets and to further utilize the space I have pens and pencils and a few odds and ends underneath.

This next shot shows my fabric stash and ironing board.  The gradated piece on the ironing board will eventually be a sample for a class.  Its a Daiwabo and it’s lovely.  I’m thinking that Quilters Dream Orient will fill this.  While the ironing board is in front of my stash I can still easily reach it and open the cabinet door as well.  I’ve moved the magazine racks to the top of the fabric shelf.  Moved the books to my cabinet that was my grandma’s.  I still need to do a little bit of sorting things out.  I’ve located my business cards.

I’ve found a happier home for my laptop as well.  It now has it’s own little table top and as I work in this new set up will find what I need on those shelves below.

I have some fossil ferns from Benartex that I’m using to make 2 quilts – one for them and one for me to teach from.  I see a busy summer ahead.  Each one is labeled and rarin’ to go.

While this photo looks somewhat dishelved it’s not really.  The bins on the right with the paper on top are for two different New York Beauty projects.  One is silks from old decorator books and the other is a combination of Gerta (Troy) and Stonehedge (Northcott).   Underneath the bins and on the far right in the red tin are all the old/vintage buttons.  There may be one other tin in my car.

In front are a couple of projects that I would like to get back to at some point.

Now that I’ve fallen in love with fusible appliqué there has to be a place for them, right now it’s here in this box.

Since my room is in slightly better shape my head is clear enough to start on the “Winding Way’s Quilt” I’m making.  There will actually be 2 quilts, one for me, one for Benartex.  I’m glad I have the mat that spins because it sure makes cutting easier!

Please don’t copy this quilt.

This is an approximation as I don’t have all of the fabrics that I used for developing this in EQ6.

I’m still having a blast figuring out and using this software.  I’ll have another quilt to show you sometime soon.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Remember this post?”

  1. It is better to have system in the mess, than mess in the systems.

    I try to follow this sentence about my sewing room.

    Love from Karen

  2. Brave girl – showing off your mess! I spent my weekend doing the same thing – re-cleaning, re-organizing 🙂

    It does get me rejuvenated though!! Nice winding ways! I am playing with some curves but in a very different way – they can be a fun challenge 🙂

  3. This really ain’t bad… at last you can use your table and stuff.

    My room looks like my fabric shelves threw up on my cutting table.
    I have decided to cut up all of my novelty prints into sq’s so they are usable… I had my DMIL iron all of them so I could cut them and I have them just neatly stacked- ALL OVER… I just have SO MANY prints and life has gotten in the way that it is taking longer than expected… AS ALWAYS.
    Hope to see you on my way to Maine….

  4. I would love to have a room just like yours. Maybe I will shortly. I really like your thread holder. Where are the other 2???? have a good day. Later Ardith

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