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Bronx Botanical Garden Roses! Roses! Roses

My sweetie and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx to see the roses yesterday.  What a tremendous display of roses.

From the tram stop the roses create quite an impact!  Just beyond the trees is the Bronx River Parkway.  I had no idea the rose garden here is so huge!

The bushes in the fore are lilacs that are finished for the season.   With their size I can imagine how heady the scent must have been!

I just loved the striking features of this fully bloomed rose.  The high contrast from the white to the deep pink/red got me thinking about how this could be quilted in thread.  I’m going to have to keep thinking about this and see if I can find just the right stuff to do this.

This yellow rose looks like the deeper yellow was hand painted in quite carefully.  I’ve never seen a rose open quite like this either with the outermost petals opening so fully before the rest of the bud opens.

These roses caught our attention because of how much they look like the paper roses we made in school when we were kids, lots and lots of tissue paper opening up to reveal more tissue paper.

How quilty the gazebo looks.  I’m looking up to the top.  There are roses surrounding that are working their way up.  I’m wondering if the intention is to have the roses completely cover the gazebo.

Before we left for the Botanical Garden I worked on the winding ways quilt.  As I cut the various pieces for the quilt I also cut these little cuties.

These are 1 1/2″ cut from the sides of each curved piece.  I don’t know what started me cutting 1 1/2″ squares or why I’m making 9-patches out of them, but I’m having fun.  I have some 1″ strips left over as well so I’m thinking about how this will go together.  I’m not sure if the 9 patches will be a border to the winding ways or if they’re a quilt all on their own.

A shot of the half yards I’m using in the quilt.

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