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Maine Quilts part 1

Visiting vendors at a quilt show is delightful.  The different fabrics and tools they have available are different than those lqs’s near home.  It’s also an opportunity to support other local quilt shops or businesses.

Hand dyed fabric attracts my attention.  When I saw the Rainbow Dyes booth I knew something would go into the bag!  This group of fat quarters made my heart go pitter pat!  I have two projects in mind for this group.

As I love hand dyes and have wanted to purchase some of these for a very long time I picked up some Cherrywood gradated pieces.  These will be part of two projects the first will incorporate some of the Rainbow dyes and the second will be part of a change in how I’m approaching teaching machine quilting.

Yep, you read that right.  I’m changing the approach for teaching advanced machine quilting (Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free).  This is part of the growing and learning process on my part.  The techniques will remain the same however what the student ends up with at the end will be slightly different.

Sunday I took a class with Mary Kerr.  I’ve met Mary on Facebook and she’s the president of Quilt Professionals Network.  Through the last few years I’ve heard great things about her from Mary Anne Ciccotelli and thought taking Mary’s class on Business would be a great idea.  Oh yes it was.  I brought my laptop with me to take notes, I figured it would be easier than trying to either remember everything or read anything slightly cryptic later on.  Two big things came from the class 1) I’m going to quilt a quilt for Mary and 2) I’m going to do my very best to enter Houston next year.

More on Mary’s quilt.  We were talking at the end of class and she had a quilt with her that needs to be quilted for her next book.  I offered, she accepted.  After our conversation I ran to the main quilting room to the Quilt Essentials booth because I knew they had Aurifil Thread and I needed it for this project.  And they did.  We matched thread quickly as the show was ending and I needed to leave the room as take down was in process.

Houston. When I started on this machine quilting journey the thought of entering Houston was a 5 year goal.  I’m beyond the 5 years however I’ve given into thinking, “I’m not good enough for Houston” while friends and other teachers are telling me otherwise.  I have a quilt in mind that will be the third in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series and I want to use Superior silk. I don’t have any clue beyond that.  In the mean time I have several customer quilts and a few other projects to work on.

Finally for today Linda M Poole is having a contest

some of the fabrics for her contest are available at Hartsdale Fabrics – where I work part time.  I know we have the panel and the border print.  Come in and see me Monday (morning) Tuesday all day and Thursday afternoon/evening and I’ll cut some fabrics for you.

Happy quilting!


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  1. I love Cherrywood Fabrics! They have such a marvelous feel and look! Go for Houston, girlfriend! You will never know unless you try!

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