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I’m going to tell on myself

I tend to leave for work at “just the right moment”.    I leave just enough time to get coffee on my way in the door.

This morning was slightly different as I planned to get to the post office at lunch and needed to make sure I had everything in place as I needed to send my application, application fee and cd with the photos to Quilt National.  The deadline for entry is Friday and sending Priority Mail via the USPS it will get there Thursday, Friday at the very latest.

I had my back pack, CD, application and the address needed.  As I go to pick up my pocket book I see fur balls (hazard of having 2 cats residing at my home) and grab them.  Think I grab my pocket book and run out the door.  I get to work.

I go in the back seat to get back pack and pocket book and




Begin freaking out process and knowing I need to be calm but I’m really freaking out.  My coworker wasn’t in yet and I needed to open up the quilt shop.  Customers are waiting for us.  As soon as my coworker comes in I can head back home.    Customers need attention and I can’t leave right away.  Anxiety level rises just a wee bit.

Trying to think where I left it,

did I drop it next to the car,

did I take it

do I need to go to the Precinct

oh the phone calls I’ll need to make, oh the phone calls…will I ever get back to work.

The right moment comes and off I go.  Trying to drive like a sane person, hoping I don’t get stopped for speeding or sheer stupidity of not having my identification.  Did I mention that I was a bit anxious?

I pull up to the house, run in and there it sits.  In its usual spot, my pocket book waiting for me to take it to work, to the post office yada, yada.

I physically relaxed.  I had to sit down and calm down for a minute before heading back to work.  Talked with dmil for a minute and headed out the door.  I drove like a sane person back to work and made it through the rest of the day.  The morning’s anxiety catching up with me in the form of a head ache mid-afternoon.

I made it to the post office sending my most recent hopes and dreams Priority Mail.  Yes, I’d be incredibly disappointed if I didn’t get in, however as one of my students and friends pointed out, I’m taking a step.  If it’s not accepted then there’s the next time Quilt National comes around.  I have plans for a quilt for Houston that are forming well in my head.  As I chatted with my student an idea happened that I’m going to try and sketch out in a few days.

In the meantime I’ve been thinking about the guild challenge and what I can do for that.  Over the next few weeks I’ll give some snippets before having the entry ready.

The above photo is part of that piece and has it’s roots in “Moon Over Manhattan” I’m exploring one of my favorite quilted sections and will see how this plays.  The background fabric is Radiance Peacock.  This is giving me the opportunity to see what colors will play nicely on this fabric.

Happy quilting,


7 thoughts on “I’m going to tell on myself”

  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you because thinking you lost your wallet is extremely stressful. I’m glad it was safely waiting for you at home. Your quilt will be awesome and ACCEPTED in QM!

  2. Thank goodness your pocketbook/wallet was safe. I’m sending good vibes along with your entry request for Quilt National!

  3. Oh, Teri! I have so often known that feeling! Glad you were able to get your application posted! I know you are going to be accepted!

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