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Fiber Notion Purchases and…

Every once in a while I can get Barnum to sit on my lap like he’s a little person.  This was my lucky morning.  His bum is on my lap and belly fully exposed.  I was a little surprised when reaching for the camera he sat there.  Barnum usually turns his face away when I get the camera out.

Barnum & Bailey are both adjusting well to the new feeding routine.  Until a few weeks ago we left the gravity feeder out and let them graze.  Now we put food out for them 2x per day and that’s it.  While it’s an adjustment for all of us I’m grateful that the whole tossing the dinner upon eating has ended with Bailey.  The meds seem to be working and he’s gaining weight steadily.  Bailey’s ribs can still be felt however there is a definite increase and he’s behaving like a normal kitty again.  The yowling has stopped…woohooo!

Last week I stopped in Staples several times.  My sweetie found a 15% off coupon for me so off I went.  One purchase was just for me…a chair mat for in front of my sewing table.  Trying to move a dining room chair on carpet isn’t all that easy and the mat makes it much easier.

Sharpie has come out with a pen.  I picked up the pack that has 6 colors.  Oh they’re delightful.  Sometime next week I’ll show pics from the sketchbook.

The next quilt will have a star that needs an angle that I want to draft and play with a couple of times before I get started with the thread work so the other purchase was a set complete with protractor, compass, two triangle rulers, ruler and pencil.  Extra lead and eraser too.  I started playing in the sketchbook as though I’d bought a new box of 64 crayons.  I’m fairly certain I can draft what I want however I want to get this just right.

I mentioned I purchased fabric at Fiber Notion the other day.  Here it is!

The blue & orange are post cards to stitch on.  I can hardly wait to play with these!

Years ago Alexander Henry came out with an Our Lady of Guadalupe line that I wanted.  I couldn’t find it locally and the couple of places on line I found it didn’t seem to have a lot of yardage where I would be able to get the complete image.  I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt this yet.

The final piece is various saints and is kinda kitschy.

I’m working on the next tutorial, thinking that batting would be a good idea.  I did write some about batting in last years Quilt Scene article.  I’m thinking something a little more in depth would be helpful.  Leave a comment or email me at terilucas @ (remove the spaces) with your questions.

Happy quilting!!


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