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So then there was the time

It seems so long ago, seven years in fact. But forever ago in the world of quilting. Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims along with Jan (Magee) Mark were the brains behind The Quilt Life, a quilting magazine recognizing the reality that, as quilt makers, our lives revolve around quilting. I had the privilege of writing… Continue reading So then there was the time

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My desk while I’m working

I'm working on finishing an article this morning before going to work. This is my desk in the midst of the writing a Test Drive for Generation Q Magazine. I am happy. I need coffee. I am happy to be writing. Cold brew is awesome. Rejoice with me, something fun is happening in this place.… Continue reading My desk while I’m working

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So here goes!

Over the last few days links to a Salon article have come up in my fb newsfeed. So with a little digging I found the original NY Times article. My immediate response is would this ever happen in an article on men's sports! My guess is the editor would have laughed him right out of… Continue reading So here goes!


Show us Your Undies!

On Friday Tracy Mooney, Associate Editor and Kitten Wrangler with Generation Q Magazine is hosting Show us Your Undies Days for Girls Sew in at the BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, IL from 8:00 to 12:30. There is still time to RSVP on our event page you can get there by clicking on the Show… Continue reading Show us Your Undies!

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A patchwork of posts

Today I'm starting with links to Mandy Leins interview of quilter and quilt show judge Scott Murkin. While the focus is Modern Quilting, Scott's answers apply across the board Interview part 1 Interview part 2 On the Generation Q blog a traveling quilt teacher (me) opens her diary for all to read. #NoMeanGirls Over the… Continue reading A patchwork of posts

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GenQ February Sew-In for Days for Girls

As I reread this post to edit and clarify what I wanted to say I remembered this youtube video. It makes me laugh and it makes a point. Sometimes there is TMI, however in this case helping young women be comfortable discussing their menstrual cycle, making sure there's good information available and that this is… Continue reading GenQ February Sew-In for Days for Girls