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Grandma’s Lines & more quilt show pics

These are some of my sweetie’s Grandma’s Linens.  They’re pretty and soft.  Grandma crocheted around the edges of about 8 of them in different colors.  It’s hard to imagine a time when paper napkins didn’t adorn the table every night.  Pretty napkins would make the whole dinner with the family a little more special.

There are a few pieces from Grandma’s linens that I’m keeping.  The white underneath the napkins is a square 70 x 70″ table cloth that I will eventually quilt.  I have a few ideas for what to do I just need to be able to figure out what kind of batting & backing I’d like to use.

I see a lot of color going into this quilt and some serious design work…just to plan out the quilting.

I’m amazed that in spite of their age these linens are in such good shape.

There are a couple of 20″ squares in a similar pattern to the one at the right.   It’s soft and pretty and sweet.  This is definitely a table runner and I think the other three pieces are place mats though they could be dresser scarves.

Some of the pieces are linen.  The green one in the picture to the left is linen.  I love the feel of it.  I believe some of it is Battenburg Lace.

I’ve found the linens a good home, they’ll go in the mail next week and a lovely quilter will make something beautiful with them.



The quilt show entry is a warm & welcoming place with “Starry Night” hanging to the left.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that the quilt is long…so long that it hangs over the top and sits on the floor!  A couple of the gals are working on sorting out raffle tickets, making sure the names are on them and putting them into the box for the drawing.  One of the gals here is one of my machine quilting students.

A major part of who we are as a guild involves outreach work.  The guild makes friendship and cuddle quilts donating them to local hospitals, nursing homes…who ever needs them and will put them to good use.  Some of the quilts on the wall are part of a mystery quilt challenge put together by several members of the group.  A portion of the raffle proceeds will go to Hour Children.  Some of the members in the guild go to Bedford Womens Correctional Facility and teach some of the young women to quilt.  A couple times during the guild year members will have a cutting party, preparing squares for the young women to quilt.  A couple of the women have made charity quilts, including one for the Veterans a couple of years ago.

More in a day or two!

Happy quilting!


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  1. Lovely linens! It was a different time, a slower pace. And appreciation for things handmade with love!

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