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sketchbook project update

At the quilt show I took a photo of a woman’s .   For some reason it looks so blurry right now.  The other day I had a chance in between classes to play with sketching a possible design inspired by the broach.  When I first saw the broach I was thinking that Superiors Silver Metalic might be the way to go – and it still may be – though while I was playing in the sketchbook the idea of color is rather intriguing.  Using a variety of Superior Metallic might be the way to go.  I just visited their website and look…

They have violet and quite loads more Metallic colors!  INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there’s this idea.  I picked up a compass & protractor set a few months ago to play with and do some quilt design.  I would like to draw this out on fabric and see what comes next.  For the quilt design I like the idea of the curved lines extending beyond the perimeter of the circle.  I’m thinking this will be a 12 to 15″ quilt with swirling feathers & pebbles, lots of pebbles!


I taught the other day – one of the students has a shirt with a similar flower in fabric, stitched down that she purchased somewhere.  We talked about how she could make a similar shirt herself  and incorporate some stitching design in it.  So while we were talking I drew this out for her to see how she might be able to work this out on her own.  It would be fun to see her make a few shirts with raw edge appliqué like this or in a design that is completely her own.


I’m going to play with this idea a little bit more before calling it a day.  The circles were all drawn with a cd that I had in my tote bag.  This allowed me an opportunity to share with the student some of what I offer in the Advanced machine quilting class I’ll be offering after the new year.


Happy Quilting & Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “sketchbook project update”

  1. Thanks for sharing your sketches! I so wish I could come take your advanced machine quilting class! I really want to take my quilting up to the next level!

  2. I love what you are doing with the circles using different colors! I get inspirations from vintage costume jewelry brooches and necklaces, too. Sometime I like to browse through the shops that sell vintage costume jewelry on the Ruby Lane website and soak up the inspiration! I would love to take one of your classes!

  3. Your compass drawing made me smile — it reminded me of an old Sesame Street segment they used to play back in the 70’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch-R1aIM-C0 I loved watching those circles! It was right up there with when they visited the crayon factory! Looking forward to seeing all your ideas come to life!

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