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New York Beauty Class in April


Valori Wells Radiant New York Beauties


When I learned to paper foundation piece I borrowed Valori Wells “Radiant New York Beauties”  from my friend Renee.  She’d taken the class at the Country Quilter and loved it.  I was inspired by her quilt and wanted to make a NY Beauty.  I love the shape & feel of these blocks.  I also love how Valori uses several different block sizes in her cover girl quilt.

I figured out that I wanted to do several sizes of blocks to get the feel and rhythm of making these blocks.

The rest of the story about “When Alex & Jinny met in NY Beauty Happened” is here.

For three Friday’s in April I’ll be teaching paper piecing with Valori Wells’ book at Hartsdale Fabrics.  The quilt will be in the shop later this week if you’d like to take closer look at it.

This quilt also works as a sample for the “Advanced Machine Quilting” as each of the blocks are quilted completely differently.  There is still plenty of room to sign up for the Advanced Machine Quilting class @ Hartsdale.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I have that book and love the projects she has in it! I used one as the center block for our guild’s mystery round robin!

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