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Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids

Later this week I’m going to post a photo or two of the pansies that have survived the winter with their flowers in tact.  I’m eager to see how the dogwood and mountain laurel will do.  We’ve been concerned about losing the dogwood for the last few years to a fungus that attacks dogwoods.  What I’m hoping is that the very cold, very snowy winter has taken care of the fungus.

Went to Quilt Fest NJ yesterday with Renee and Lorraine.  I’d say the show was fairly well attended.  I chatted with Liz & Beth from LizzieB Creative.  The visit to Tuscadelphia was delightful.  I met Linda Lum DeBono who designs with Henry Glass and so much more!

I picked up a few spools of Superior’s Silk thread.   This time choosing warm colors – red, orange, pink & yellow – to really pop against either the teal blue or black – whichever quilt comes next.

Yesterday I spent some time working on the next quilt in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series.  This morning I realized that I’m working on the wrong quilt.   Well, not the wrong quilt, but the quilt I’m working on, another 8 pointed star, isn’t the right quilt for now.  The right quilt for now has the 5 pointed star that’s been floating around in my head for weeks.  I start drafting tomorrow morning.   Looks like freezer paper, compass & ruler will be very good friends tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids”

  1. What glorious warm pictures! I joined Superior’s Thread of the Month club and am getting 5 spools of Kimono Silk every month. Now I just need to find a voice to use them!

    1. You’re doing a great job finding your own quilterly voice and I’m loving the process.

  2. Teri – You are really getting around and meeting some great people. They are fortunate to meet you, also. I hope your Dogwood makes it. We lived in MO for five years and they looked like lace in the woods. I just took a class with Gail Garber and learned to draft stars. What fun. We need her on TQS. Have fun with that silk thread. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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