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Moon Over Manhattan, a bit O’humor

  Oh Little Miss Sassy Pants how I love you. The story of birthing you came to mind this afternoon when someone mentioned that the Quilt National submission entry is September 5. If I had an idea I'd probably try and submit again, because after all there is time. Oh dear me, here we go,… Continue reading Moon Over Manhattan, a bit O’humor

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On Becoming a Machine Quilter

A sultry summer day in the City with quilting friends leads to sharing stories over coffee and cookies. The how of being where we are as quilting teachers is often humorous. The image on the left holds within it's stitches the beginnings. My Sweetie's Quilt took a wee bit longer to make than intended. It… Continue reading On Becoming a Machine Quilter

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I have this thing where I like to make a friend of mine laugh. It's a good goal. Seriously. And it'd be great if I could remember how this started, but I can see the big 5-0 approaching and yeah, that's not going to come to mind. Several months back she told me about an… Continue reading phew

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Connect: color

A while back Wednesday mornings meant heading to a local coffee shop for knitting and chatting. This hardcore machine quilter loved the company, and getting out of the house once a week was priceless. It was a way of connecting with friends, and with some handwork, knitting and crocheting. Attending guild meetings, sharing quilt stories,… Continue reading Connect: color

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Character Counts: have you ever loved a quilt so much it hurts?

Are you ready to read something really fun? Go here to Batts in the Attic, check out Paula's blog on the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. In this she reveals a long running joke between us, and how it inspired the name of her quilt. And now onto our regularly scheduled program: It's been a while… Continue reading Character Counts: have you ever loved a quilt so much it hurts?

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Sooooooooooo excited!!!

The last few weeks there has been a tune running through my head. You are the Sun I am the Moon You are the words I am the tune Play Me. I love the voice and the words. I can hear Neil singing in my head. I know what fabric this will be stitched… Continue reading Sooooooooooo excited!!!

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An Interview with Rayna Gilman

My next interview is with Rayna Gilman a fabric artist and quilter from New Jersey.  Rayna has a new book, "create your own free-form quilts  -  a stress free journey to original design" Rayna & I have chatted a bit at the MAQGNet meetings held annually in the spring.  We are both members of the NY… Continue reading An Interview with Rayna Gilman

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Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids

Later this week I'm going to post a photo or two of the pansies that have survived the winter with their flowers in tact.  I'm eager to see how the dogwood and mountain laurel will do.  We've been concerned about losing the dogwood for the last few years to a fungus that attacks dogwoods.  What… Continue reading Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids

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sketchbook project update

At the quilt show I took a photo of a woman's .   For some reason it looks so blurry right now.  The other day I had a chance in between classes to play with sketching a possible design inspired by the broach.  When I first saw the broach I was thinking that Superiors Silver… Continue reading sketchbook project update

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Linda M Poole’s quilt

My apologies to my facebook friends as you'll be seeing this twice I offered to design a quilt for Linda M Poole for her new fabric line "Radiance". This is called: "The Radiance Quilt" I'm thrilled Linda agreed to let me design this for her.  "The Radiance Quilt" is a virtual quilt designed entirely in… Continue reading Linda M Poole’s quilt