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I would like to introduce Provence Flannel:

I designed this quilt for Marcus just in time for Quilt Market!  Provence went on their site a few days ago with the pattern and tips & hints by Jean Ann Wright for working with flannel.  Provence is approximately 78 x 78 and is easily adjustable to make it larger if you need a bigger quilt.  I used two blocks 1) the double 9 patch which is just a fun block to make and 2) Puss in the Corner which has several different color ways.  Enjoy!

I’m currently working on a table runner quilt for Jeannie Sumrall-Ajero of Kaleidoscope Collections.  I love Jeannie’s work!  The projects I get to work on are so much fun!  As soon as I have this one a little further along I will get some images and show you the quilt.

Last week I started tidying up the sewing room in preparation for the air conditioner to be installed for the summer.  That’s goal number 1.  Goal number 2: to more effectively use the space.  Eventually some of the stuff that is currently in there will find new homes but until then at least I’ll know where the projects I’m working on are and how to easily get to them.  In looking at one of the projects I’ve decided to simplify it a lot.  Yay!

I’ve also decided that the clothing patterns I’ve been holding on to for years are going to find a new home.  Yep, they are.  I no longer do fashion sewing so it’s time for them to move on to new homes.  Whatever guild members don’t take home will be headed for the recycle bin.  In the clearing out process I found minutes to meetings I attended in the early 90’s and decided to let those go to the recycle bin too.  I kept thinking someday I’m going to need these (or at least some of the info with it) and nope, I didn’t.  If I’d gone into early childhood education as I’d planned that might be a different story.  My room feels lighter already.

I knew the battery charger to my camera batteries was in the sewing room as well.  I’d stashed it somewhere that I’d easily find it when I need to charge the batteries.  Well, the batteries needed charging weeks ago and regular alkaline batteries do not last long in my camera!  The charger was in the bag right where I knew I’d remember where it was.  Batteries are charged and I have some pics to take and will do so sometime in the next few days.  The seedum in our garden has been down right beautiful this year, the hens & chicks are growing amazingly well and we have a new hydrangea bush that my sweetie planted right in the middle of the patch of yard we have left in the front.  The roses are blooming and I think I’ve seen the last of the suckers!  At lease I hope so.

happy quilting!


3 thoughts on “Provence”

  1. Awesome quilt! I need to clean and reorganize my space sometime. But it is not a high priority at the present time! This is the best time of year for seeing all of nature’s beauty!

  2. Doesn’t it feel good to lighten up and get rid of things? Gives your mind more room to work as well as your body.

    Love the new pattern! I’m a big, big flannel quilt fan and love the colors in this line. I particularly like the border stripe, you don’t see that often in flannels.

    I had already planned to get the fabrics to make your “Wild Style” design, now it looks like I am going to have to budget for this one too!!

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