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Of lint

I’ve had a lot more lint than this in the bobbin area.  When I first bought my Bernina 1080 it was something like 6 months before I could take the guide class that comes with the machine.  So when I learned how to take the stitch plate off and holy schmoly it was linty!

I’m pretty good about brushing out the lint when I change the bobbin however I’ve been stitching a lot the last week and bobbin changes are accomplished without even taking the tray off.  This is a weeks worth of fat quarter sized bamboo batting and cotton thread lint.  Not a lot of color you say!  Superior MasterPiece & King Tut are the least linty cotton threads I’ve ever used.  I would say Aurifil ranks right there with Superior on the low lint scale.  Oh and I think there’s some silk batting lint in here left over from Serendipity as Well.

I’ve been stitching class samples to take with me to Knoxville and had the bamboo batting around from another project and decided to use that in the class samples I’m making.

No more lint here.  I used the brush and canned air.  I know, I know we keep getting told not to use the canned air because of where the lint goes.  I take my time and direct the flexible nozzle so it’s not being blown back into the machine.  The housing area needs a bit more work but I gotta quilt!

Have I ever told you that I love quilting?  If not let me say it here:


Now that that’s settled here are a couple of pictures of the samples I’ve been working on.

This is for Let Your Foot Loose, be Fancy & Free.  The diamond was stitched around in metallic then I used the metallic to stitch the swirls in, I’m using King Tut for the corners & the center.  I’ll show you a picture of the full sample once I’m finished.

While its not obvious on the photo below, I’m stitching out feathers on this one.  I have 3 different types of feathers on here or is it 4?  Hmmn, I’ll have to check that one out.

The fat quarters I’m using for my samples were dyed by Rainbow Dyes of Auburn ME.  I first saw these beautiful fabrics at the Maine Quilt Show a couple of years ago.  Love them!  They have a nice hand to them and I’m looking forward to getting more.  If you happen to see Nancy at a show stop by, it’s well worth the visit!

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Of lint”

    You’d be so proud of me. I have 3 quilts and a wall hanging all pinned and ready for quilting…

    Just lovin it!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you for show and tell….

  2. Hehehe…my lint has sometimes built up like that in my older Bernina, but my 730E is a Victorian lady who just goes into vapors with the lint in her bobbin case (I named her Victoria). I use canned air with care too, but occasionally the vacuum cleaner with special little tube/nozzle.It looks like some beautiful quilting going on under that needle. Cheers, BJ

    1. That is a sample for a couple of classes. I love playing with fabric & thread.

  3. Cleaning your BERNINA is fab, but don’t forget a little oil and they have a new lighter weight oil that is wonderful, You said you were going to AQS but do you teach at Gina’s? In Nashville we have BERNINA Sewing Station which is the best! I am sure they would love to hear from you. Lezette

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