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Quilted Block of the Month

Oh wow! So I posted in the Quilted Block of the Month group for the first time in over seven months. I thought it was longer, so win! The intervening months have been full writing, quilting, and sales related road trips all over New York state & New Jersey covering my territory. I have a… Continue reading Quilted Block of the Month

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After 20 years she finally has a name

Twenty years is a long time to be nameless.   I brought this gal in December 1995, she's 20. Yep. She's 20. We've done a lot of good work together. This is the gal that I learned so much about quilting on. If she could talk...I'm sure she'd have stories. She's heard more than… Continue reading After 20 years she finally has a name

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10 things I love about quilting

the people they are way cool and this person Gayle Schliemann always makes me smile She has a cool bit on We All Sew this week   I just love Radiance. I love the blend of cotton and silk working together to bring best of each to the quilting party.   Notions - notions make… Continue reading 10 things I love about quilting

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Peek a boo

I picked up this little poster probably 25 years ago when I lived in Americus, GA working at Habitat for Humanity through the church I belonged to at the time.  I put a push pin through the plastic to pin it to the door.  It was my motto for the year. I've been tidying up and… Continue reading Peek a boo

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Bang Head Here

Since the judging is over and the winners have been notified I now feel free to share Bang Head Here While I was in the middle of "@play" and "dance" I was very frustrated with the process of making both of those quilts.  "@play" became the unruly teenager for a while and "dance" has been… Continue reading Bang Head Here

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If you happen to be in Lancaster this week

And you see this quilt hanging will you be nearly as excited as me?  Probably not.  The only thing better would be to have Keith there.  My friends and I are driving in Friday and staying until after the show on Saturday so I can bring the quilt home.  I know I'm going to need… Continue reading If you happen to be in Lancaster this week

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Slower is actually faster

Last night emailing a friend she'd had the "aha!" moment that when she slows down the piecing and quilting actually flow better.  It's not an easy thing to do.  In fact slowing down and being mindful of the process is quite challenging.  (What she didn't know as we chatted is that the essence of the… Continue reading Slower is actually faster