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Kaleidoscope quilt

I love it when Jeanie sends me a new piece to quilt.  My mind starts reeling with endless possibilities of “what if” in such a good way that.  Many of the quilts call for a little glitz using Superior Metallic threads.  This one didn’t.

This is from the Kaleidoscope Blossoms Template pack.  You can read more about it on Jeanies Blog.  Two things with this quilt: 1) it reminded me of some of those Hawaiian Quilts I’ve seen over the years and 2) I realized as I stitched that these Kaleidoscope type quilts are a great way to practice machine quilting.

I did something different with this quilt using King Tut in the bobbin and MasterPiece on top.  As I thought about this quilt in prep for quilting it seemed that heavy quilting wouldn’t work so well, that dictated the thread choice on top and the lack of Metallic.

I took the picture of the single blocks prior to quilting the border so they look kinda weird.  *Side note – when choosing how much to quilt keep in mind that across the surface an even amount of stitching is needed to help the quilt lay flat once the surface stitching is complete.*

I chose to do some simple quilting in each one of the flowers.  This allowed the flowers to stand on their own in the quilt.  The other day I’d posted on my facebook status that I needed pink and was shocked to learn that I had none!  That night I came home with 5 shades of pink to finish this quilt.  I used fuchsia in the feather borders.  Like the rest of the quilting it’s subtle but it works.

I’m off to quilt the next quilt I’m working on with Jeanie.

Can’t show pics of that one just yet.

Happy Quilting!


7 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope quilt”

  1. Teri, why did you use King Tut in the bobbin? Was there a benefit to having a thick thread on the bottom? I am still a novice when it comes to machine quilting and try to learn the whys as well as the hows. LOL

  2. Two reasons 1) I liked the color and didn’t have it in another thread and 2) by using 2 different weights i further develop understanding of how tension works and how to adjust it.

  3. It’s beautiful! As a long-arm quilter, I am always amazed at what you can do on your DSM. I would have a very hard time doing it after using a longarm. I love what you do!

  4. What a wonderful quilt. Both of you are amazing. Thank you so much for using our threads. And, thank you for your education as well. It’s so important to share knowledge.

    Superior Threads

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