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Muffins & Studio Reorganization

Since we put in the new windows a few weeks ago I’ve been reorganizing the studio.  I’ve still got a ways to go but I’m liking the perspective so far.

instead of having the tables form an “L” shape in the corner and everything else off to my right I’ve started by putting a little shelf in the corner that currently houses extra bias binding, canned air and a few other odds & ends.  Next to that I’ve put the old Singer Sewing machine.  That has the radio, phone, writing implements and a few other bits & bobs.

Eventually the thread will go someplace else leaving the table it’s on right now available for cutting and extra quilt when I work on large pieces.  I’m going to bring the other sewing machine in from our bedroom for the thread giving us a bit more space and put some of the thread on that.  The ironing board move back in front of the fabric once I get that all sorted and put back together.

This is the next quilt I’m working on.  When I’m finished the quilting I’m going to cut it into three to make a triptych.  While not readily visible due to the lighting  I’ve drafted diamonds & hexagons on here in 3 different places.

This has 2 layers of batting the bottom (back) is bamboo, the top is silk.  I’m using a lime green batik on the back.  I’ll get a picture of once I have some of the quilting done.  This is one of the three pieces of silk I picked up at the Philadelphia quilt show.

 On a completely food related note.  I’m a fair cook but I can bake.  I get the process of baking and understand how changes can be made in recipes to tweak the flavors.  I’ll never qualify for Top Chef Just Desserts however I’d have fun trying.

Muffins always eluded me.  I’d end up with tunnels or tough muffins.  A friend I’ve reconnected with on facebook frequently posts muffins she’s taking here or there.  This morning I was inspired to try once again to get it right!  King Arthur Flour Cookbook to the rescue.  I took their recipe for Pretty Darn Quick Muffins added craisins, slivered almonds and a bit of vanilla.  It worked!  I was shocked actually.  I got 24 muffins out of the recipe and they were nicely cooked, rose well and tasted good.  I’d do this again.  The gals in our monthly mini-group are getting some of these tomorrow night.

When I baked & decorated there were two baking books I relied on heavily Great Cakes by Carole Walter & The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  Love these books.  When I got Great Cakes it changed how I bake cakes.  Just like with quilting it slowed down the process making for a much better product.  It also called for better ingredients, not particularly expensive, just better.  Quilting is the same way, the right tools go a long way toward making the process easier and a better end product.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Muffins & Studio Reorganization”

  1. The King Arthur catalog is my favorite magazine. I read it cover to cover, and never discard it until the next one comes. I found a small part of heaven. A specialty store nearby sells both King Arthur and Stonewall kitchen products. And it’s about a block and a half away from my favorite LQS. If there were only a good bookstore….

    Reorganizing the studio is a never ending process. But the touching of things as I attempt re-organization seems to be a terrific inspiration to the creative juices.

  2. So where’s the recipe for the muffins? You get our mouths watering and then withhold!!!
    I also like THE CRAFT OF BAKING by Karen DeMasco.
    Hey, I just got new windows in the room that I work in (unfortunately it’s not a dedicated studio)!

  3. MMMM! The muffins look delish! I need to reorganize my room yet again. I will be doing it come spring when my girlfriend gets back from wintering in Texas. She will be help me pare out the “why are you hanging on to this!” stuff!

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