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Cozy Quilt Shoppe

Saturday my Sweetie & I went to visit family in NJ.  Whilst in NJ there are a couple of requisite stops:

1) Vitamia in Lodi for sausage bread.  We’ve had sausage bread from other Italian bakeries/pasta makers and it’s just not the same.  It’s like Italians, sandwiches from my home town in ME, there are other hoagies, heros, grinders etc from different place, but there’s nothing like Italians from Sams in Lewiston.

2) filling up on fuel.  NJ has the lowest gas prices in the area so we fill up right before coming home.  With a 40 – 50 cent difference it’d be silly not to get fuel before coming home.

3) a quilt shop if we see one.

I’ve known about the Cozy Quilt Shoppe since working on publicity for a quilt show.  Google maps is great for finding so many things.  Timing was never quite right then they were in the process of moving to their current location in Maywood NJ.  As we were on our way to our family we stopped in Maywood looking for a fruit stand.  As my sweetie is driving down the main street we both noticed the shop.  First stop the market just adjacent to the shop, we picked up a couple of apples then I went to the shop.

The owner, Denise, could not have been any more welcoming!  She opens her shop for customers to come in with their projects to be there for the day.  For a small fee she provides a little snack, the iron, spray starch and access to the Accuquilt.  And you’re in a quilt shop so if you need fabric. . .

I chatted with some of the quilters in the classroom.  There is a definite camaraderie and they are most welcoming.  One of the gals pointing out sale fabrics on the shelves.  I did some of my shopping there, including the back for Staten Island Sunset.

No this isn’t it. 🙂

I enjoyed this fabric from Lakehouse Dry Goods when it came out years ago and thought my nieces might enjoy it.  It’s bright and fun.  I love the warm & cool color play.  Hmmmn.  It may just stay in my stash.  There were several other Lakehouse fabrics on the shelf and I picked up one of their stripes with the gold circles.

Then I happened upon the hot pink and the orange batiks.  The orange one just made me so happy!  I love the shapes and the positive/negative of it all.  I asked for a yard of each of these, then Denise mentioned that the orange is on the sale rack.  I checked with her as I’d picked it up from the shelves in the main room of the quilt shop.  It was indeed on the sale rack so I got the rest of it, another 4 yards!  This is going to be the back of Staten Island Sunset.  I’m getting more and more excited about working on this quilt.

Like all my quilts there’s a certain amount of serendipity that happens and I’m loving how this happened.

So if you’re in Bergen County NJ the Cozy Quilt Shoppe is a great stop!  For my NY friends this shop is easy peasy to get to!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. That owner must have quite the following! I would love it if the LQS near me were that welcoming!

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