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A bit of MQX Fun and a little reveal

Wednesday morning brought the first bit of fun!

This is Claudia Pfeil quilter extraordinaire, instructor and a bit of a live wire!  I getting ready to head over to the convention center for my first class.  I left my stuff with a group of quilters in the hotel lobby (Thank you ladies!) so I could pull my rental car up and load it up.  When I stepped outside Claudia and Merete were waiting for the shuttle.  I offered to take them over.

After going in to get my teaching stuff I came out to find that Claudia climbed into the trunk of the car.  I doubled over laughing, it took a good minute from seeing this to get control and load up the car.  The car I was driving was small so I was a bit concerned for their comfort – since Claudia and Merete are from European countries they didn’t mind at all!

MQX has ribbons for the teachers to award to any quilt in the show that we choose.   Thursday morning I started walking the show with the intent of awarding the ribbon.  It’s difficult as there are so many amazing choices.  My original intent was to award the ribbon to a quilter who’d worked on a domestic machine in part because I work on a domestic and more importantly for me I teach free motion machine quilting on a domestic machine.  I saw the back of this quilt first and fell in love.  After coming around to the front I knew this was the quilt to give the ribbon to even before I read who made & quilted this quilt.  Congratulations Karen Marchetti!  I posted this photo on facebook the other day and learned that Karen loves getting teacher ribbons.  Karen quilts on a long arm and for the life of me I can’t remember which one.

Friday at the banquet Claudia was awarded the Viewers Choice award. To say she was excited would be an incredible understatement!  Once we got back to the hotel Claudia was tired and wanted to go outside for a moment.  Merete and Paula wheeled her out on a luggage carrier.  Heehee, we had fun.  The other camera has a photo of everyones shoes…I’ll post those tomorrow early next week.

I’m heading to Maine this weekend to teach at Creative Sewing Center in Auburn.  I love teaching there.  Amanda and Gary & crew are good to work for.  There’s a shop hop going on now too.  Shop hops are fun.



Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “A bit of MQX Fun and a little reveal”

  1. Thank you so much Teri, I am tickled pink! I do love teacher ribbons, those and Judges choice are my absolute favorites! I am happy that the back of my quilt drew you in for a closer look. I love that they hang the quilts with the backs visible! Thank you again, I feel honored!

  2. Awwww you spilled the beans on the teacher ribbon!! 🙂 So glad you had such a good home. I hope next year I’ll get to be a part of the fun too. I haven’t read anything about Randy!

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