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The men of MQX

While quilting is “typically” a womans world men in our industry take to it like a fly takes to honey.  And just like women men run the gamut from very traditional to art and everywhere in between.  A few years back I went to the Illinois State Museum where they had an exhibition of quilts made by people in Illinois, including a guy who made huge hexagon quilts, the hexagons getting smaller and smaller on each quilt.  Oh my!

A while back Jena Moreno and Tom Ganz filmed “Stitched…the film Behind Every Stitch there’s a Story” featuring three amazing quilters, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Hollis Chatelain and Randall Cook.  I’m facebook friends with all three of them and had the pleasure of meeting Randy at MQX.  Two of his quilts were in the show and “Dance Panels 1 &  5” won 2nd place in the Wall Hanging Art – Large category.  For a list of all of the MQX Winners click here.

These are amazing quilts both quilted on a domestic (home) sewing machine.  I’d love to talk with Randy more to find out about his thought process on the quilts, how he did the images and chose the quilting to go in each area of the quilt.  I may just interview him for the blog down the road.

I met Randy at MQX where he was taking classes and testing out long arms.  We sat together at preview night when the winners were announced.

When Jeanie & I won for Feather Zone I was all excited but then I got really excited when “Curvilinear Energy” by Keith Dommer won first place in the Solo Artist category.  I’ve been working with Keith for quite a while and it’s been good experience for both of us.  Keith also asked for input from our TQS friends on this quilt.  I love it and was thrilled to hear his name announced!

I picked up Moon Over Manhattan and Feather Zone yesterday from Janet-Lee and have the judges comments.  I’m looking forward to reading them to see what they have to say, particularly about Moon.

I’m teaching at Creative Sewing this weekend and am looking forward to it.  Part of the weekend is getting together with a couple of friends to celebrate our 25th high school reunion.  Whee!

Happy Quilting!



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